‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over This Dapper Chris O’Donnell Pic

by Anna Dunn

NCIS: Los Angeles fans are going wild over a new pic posted by NCIS: Los Angeles of Chris O’Donnell playing G. Callen. Callen looks very dressed up in the new picture, and fans are wondering what’s in store for tomorrow’s episode. O’Donnell has faithfully played G. Callen since the series started in 2009. As one of the leads along with LL Cool J, O’Donnell is a very foundational part of the spin-off.

“Get in beach, we’re fighting bad guys. An all-new episode of #NCISLA arrives this Sunday — you in?” the account wrote. The photo has Callen looking almost Bond-like.

Fans have spammed the comments with a bunch of heart emojis for the actor and seem really ready to catch the new episode when it comes out tomorrow night. The show returned earlier in October and is in its early episodes of season 13.

Tomorrow’s Episode of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ will Find Callen and Kensi Cornered

In the photo, you can see Callen standing in front of a hearse. But what the photo doesn’t tell you is Callen and Kensi wind up trying to escape gunfire in said hearse. They end up trapped in the hearse between two groups of criminals with guns.

“This is awkward,” Kensi jokes. “I never thought I’d die in a hearse.”

NCIS: Los Angeles posted the new teaser earlier today.

“*Record scratch* *freeze frame* You’re probably wondering how Callen and Kensi got into this situation…” the twitter account for the show wrote.

It definitely looks like an action packed episode.

Chris O’Donnell says there Are Similarities with Him and Callen

While Chris O’Donnell and G. Callen have lived quite different lives, the actor can still find similarities between himself and his NCIS: Los Angeles character especially when it comes to his relationship to LL Cool J. In one interview, he noted that himself and LL Cool J have similarities with the way their characters treat eachother on the show.

“You know, the same way you would pick on your sibling and drive each other crazy, I mean, it’s similar to the relationship Todd and I, LL and I, have in real life,” he told Entertainment tonight. “I mean, he’s someone I have great respect for, and there’s a mutual admiration. But we also love to, you know, just torture each other…and constantly, uh you know, drive each other crazy.”

Having worked together for over a decade, it’s easy to see how the two would develop such a friendship. It makes their on-screen banter even more authentic-seeming. Next episode, however, it definitely looks like Callen will spend a good chunk of time trying to get out of a sticky situation with Kensi.