‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Will Be Seeing Double as Eric Christian Olsen Poses Next To His Stunt Double

by Joe Rutland

Wait a minute, are there two different people named Eric Christian Olsen that work on “NCIS: Los Angeles” as Deeks?

It might seem that way, Outsiders.

This photo from CBS will leave you some space to think about that possibility. The first picture in a series of them from CBS’s account gives us that unique perspective.

In real life, Olsen is standing next to his stunt double. That’s an uncanny resemblance, isn’t it?

Well, “NCIS: Los Angeles” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central. Other cast members include Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Gerald McRaney, and Linda Hunt.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Talks About Taking Long Road To His Character

When talking about Matty Deeks and the road to where that character is today, Olsen definitely speaks his mind.

As he should because the “NCIS: Los Angeles” actor plays a role that, sometimes, is difficult to explain.

He talked about it with the Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo in an interview.

“Something that’s so fantastic about Deeks […] is that there’s an underlying history to the character,” Olsen said.

He explained that Deeks had a hard relationship with his dad and, possibly, non with his mom.

Still, Deeks would find solace in education.

Olsen said his character “put himself through school and became a lawyer and for some reason bailed on that because of some sort of ideals or moral compass that was lost.”

Well, that path simply led him to become a detective.

Olsen called the journey “a long and arduous one.”

Deeks finds himself going out on a case with Kensi Blye, played by Ruah.

Emotional Scenes Can Prove Taxing for Olsen On CBS Military Drama

Now, Outsiders, we know that Olsen plays Deeks so well on the show.

His character moved from being a liaison between the Los Angeles Police Department and NCIS to being a special agent for the NCIS.

There are emotional scenes on “NCIS: Los Angeles” and Olsen wants to be up to the test.

A TV Fanatic interviewer asked him, “Did you feel challenged differently, with these scenes than maybe what you’ve done in the past?”

Olsen said, “Yeah, because the stakes are always higher. Like when you go to these scenes in life, the repercussions if it goes wrong, you know, you’re out there and you’re putting yourself out there.”

Authenticity in those scenes, as well as others, matters to him.

“When you do a scene like this, it’s the same place,” Olsen said, “because you’re asking your actors to go to this place and if any fraction of that is false, I think we as an audience detach from it.”