‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Think One Character Has Become ‘Unlikeable’

by Megan Molseed

For thirteen seasons viewers have watched the NCIS: Los Angeles team encounter multiple intense cases, as well as witnessed the members of one of our favorite NCIS teams deal with multiple life changes.

So, with all of these major moments the team has faced over the years, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the characters may face some changing moments throughout the series as well?

One Reddit user recently addressed this issue, noting that one particular NCIS: Los Angeles character has seemed different in recent episodes. In fact, the Redditor notes, this character has changed so much that he has almost become unlikable.

“Is it just me or has Sam been different this season,” one Redditor says of LL Cool J’s NCIS: Los Angeles character Sam Hanna.

“Almost unlikeable,” the Redditor adds of Hanna.

Fans Discuss A Lack of Chemistry on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

In the recent NCIS: Los Angeles thread, the original poster notes that along with the changes they are seeing in the character of Sam Hannah in the show, there seems to be a sense that the chemistry of the entire cast seems a little off-kilter as well.

“The cast chemistry seems weird as well,” the commenter notes in the thread.

“Still one of my favorite shows,” they add. “But its certainly missing Nell and Eric a lot these days.”

The responding Reddit users did note that there have been plenty of changes to the NCIS: Los Angeles characters. However, they don’t necessarily see such a big change in LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna.

“Honestly for me I love season 13,” responds one Reddit user.

Fans Discuss Some Long-Running Plot Lines

This Redditor went on to list some things they would like NCIS: Los Angeles showrunners to address. This commenter notes that their biggest issue right now with the series is the plot lines that seem to drag on within the series.

“Yes there are things they should work on like getting more Sam and callen storyline’s, bringing Anna back, dealing with that Kat woman, etc,” the Redditor says.

“I know they throw in my favorite couple Kensi and Deeks storyline’s but I’m honestly getting frustrated by them dragging out the baby plot line,” the commenter adds. “I think most densi fans want them to get pregnant and then deal with that Kessler psycho dude as well.”

The original commenter on the Reddit thread was quick to respond to the comment, agreeing that the baby subplot needs to come to some sort of conclusion.

“Thank you for agreeing with that,” the OP responds.

“I do hope that they’ll adopt a baby or kid whichever and then she’ll get pregnant naturally,” the Redditor says in the response. “But I do get that the producers don’t want to hurry the storylines for all the characters.”