‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Wonder What Changed in Season 6

by Megan Molseed

The popular CBS investigative series NCIS: Los Angeles is well into its twelfth season. With this, our favorite members of the Los Angeles NCIS team have certainly brought us some exciting moments, as well as quite a few impressive storylines. However, some fans of the popular drama believe the sixth season of the series brought some major changes to the team.

Recently, one NCIS: Los Angeles viewer took to Reddit to discuss this particular season of the hit CBS series which aired from the fall of 2014 into the spring of 2015.

According to this NCIS fan, things seemed to change on the series during this time. Primarily, the fan notes in a Reddit post, NCIS Los Angeles introduced audiences to a variety of new characters some of whom were difficult to keep track of.

“I am in season 6 and I feel like everything’s different,” the NCIS: Los Angeles fan wrote in a recent Reddit post.

“And I don’t recognize most of the characters,” the Redditor points out. “And the plot lines seem very forced.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Went Through Big Changes In Season Six

The NCIS: Los Angeles viewer then goes on to discuss a couple of the plotlines that they found to be the most confusing.

“Like what was that episode with the ghurka about?” the Reddit user says in the recent thread. “I really did not enjoy the fighting scene in the hospital.”

Some other fans of the popular CBS series were quick to respond to the OP.

Some helped clarify the plotlines mentioned in the original post, while others suggested reasons for the changes that the fan is beginning to see as they entered this season of NCIS: Los Angeles.

“Ghurka was Deek’s friend,” reads one response to the original message.

“Season 5 episode 10 Frozen Lake,” the Redditor adds.

“The Ghurka returns,” the Reddit user continues in the response to the original message. “But I agree, there is something at the hospital that doesn’t sell the full scene.”

Another NCIS: Los Angeles fan responds to the OP’s post noting that the popular series was experiencing some changes behind the scenes. This, of course, leads to the changes fans saw in the show’s sixth season.

“I feel like the team of writers changed and the new ones are very forced,” this commenter points out.

“The plot lines seem lazy and obvious and it makes me so sad,” the Redditor says. “Because I loved every episode leading up to this season!”

“Season 7 makes a slight improvement,” another Redditor says.

“I only watched the key episodes,” the commenter adds. “Out of 20 episodes per year a season 13 episodes of them might be filler and like (actually) 7 episodes can be key episodes.”