‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Fatima Actor Medalion Rahimi Opens Up on Why She Acts

by Michael Freeman

Starring as Fatima in NCIS: Los Angeles, Medalion Rahimi has been a series regular since 2019. Naturally, actors make great money, but in a recent interview, Rahimi revealed the reason she personally acts.

Talking to Film Forums, the outlet asked Rahimi about her role on the show and her acting career in general. Later in the interview, Film Forums commented on the importance of diversity. Discussing this with Rahimi, they said her position on the show made her a role model for women of color. The NCIS: Los Angeles actor affirmed that’s exactly why she does what she does.

“That’s literally what I do it for,” Rahimi bluntly said. “Because I remember growing up and feeling the same way of not seeing anybody that looked like me, or had any sort of similar cultural background, and wanting to be that person for some people.”

Regardless, Medalion Rahimi said there were actors like that for her, too. She actually notes looking up to many British actors. “And there were, of course, some actors like that for me as well. But for the most part, I looked up to Anglo white American or British actors. There’s a lot of great British actors that I love.”

Rahimi has come a long way. Starring in several lesser-known roles before her current one, she also appeared in Before I fall and Still Star-Crossed. With Rahimi being where she is now, perhaps she can spur someone else into acting just like what happened with her.

How Medalion Rahimi Got Her Start Acting

Everyone has to get their start somewhere, and Medalion Rahimi is no exception. In the same Film Forums interview, she talked about how she started her career acting.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Rahimi found herself surrounded by the television and movie industry. Though she loved acting and enjoyed it, earlier in her life, she never figured that’s what she would be doing as a career. “Growing up in Los Angeles you are definitely surrounded by the film industry in general. But I always really loved theatre growing up. I did all the school plays. I never really considered it seriously as a career until I was on my own.”

“But I did go to college,” she continued. “I went to UCLA theatre school, and minored in English, just because my parents were like, ‘Okay, if you want to try acting, that’s fine. But you have to have a degree. We’re not going to let you not go to college’. So I was like, ‘Okay’. And I went to the school of their choice, UCLA, which is a great school.”

After that, she started auditioning and “threw myself into whatever I could find.” Her endeavors paid off and the result is visible when NCIS: Los Angeles airs.