NCIS: Los Angeles’: Full Recap of ‘Divided We Fall’ Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles Sunday night was all about Laura Song, who she was and how she died.

The episode, entitled Divided We Fall, mostly was told in flashback. An investigator with the Office of Navy Intelligence interviewed all the NCIS: Los Angeles agents. But he did so individually, as the story of what happened to Laura Song slowly unfolded on screen.

Laura Song died early in the episode. But why? How close was she to Kilbride? Was her cover really compromised? Was she a hero or a villain?

It turns out she was a villain, someone who turned against her own country. But here’s the most relative question. Is Laura Song’s storyline with NCIS: Los Angeles finished with Sunday night’s episode. Or will she be revisited as the show reveals more about Kilbride?

Laura Song was a very important person to Kilbride. He killed her, but few know that’s what happened. It’s classified.


Here’s How NCIS: Los Angeles Unfolded

Callen and Sam first found Laura in a shopping mall parking garage and took her to a secured building. To the world, she was a widowed art dealer with a daughter in college. But she actually was an operative, working for the United States against the Chinese.

Kilbride discovered Laura when Laura first enlisted in the Navy.

Kilbride told the agents that Laura’s cover probably was compromised. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks picked up Lily Song, Laura’s daughter, and took her back to the NCIS: Los Angeles boathouse.

Laura poured herself a drink with Sam and Callen. Then the communication systems were scrambled and the power went out. Sam and Callen tried to get her into the panic room, but she refused.

Then a masked man dropped into the hallway. A bomb blew up the front door. Another grenade was tossed into the room where Callen and Sam had taken Laura.

In interviews with Rountree and Fatima, we learn that the two of them found Laura and got her into the elevator. Masked men shot at them. Fatima got hit in the leg. Rountree was able to pull himself and Fatima through an opening in the elevator. Laura pushed Fatima through the opening, then slammed the door shut. Fatima thought Laura was trying to protect them.

It’s Not What You Think — Kilbride Provides Details

But the final interview was with Kilbride, who said he found Laura dead in front of the elevator. But the investigator revealed that a security camera was working, that he knew Kilbride got to the building, then left, before he returned again.

Kilbride turned off the tape recorder. This next stuff was top secret. Laura was a traitor. His agents had no idea. Her cover wasn’t compromised. Kilbride wanted the agents to pick her up. In the end, they thought she was a hero.

Kilbride said: “If they have a great need to wallow in their angst, who am I to stand in their way.”

But at the end of NCIS: Los Angeles, we received more clues as to what really happened. Kilbride pulled a photo of Laura out of his leather folder. He’d known her for a long time. Then he remembered their last conversation.

Laura told Kilbride “you didn’t choose me, I chose you. You were the perfect mark, a man with a broken family, wanting a second chance.”

Laura tried to shoot Kilbride, but he was the faster draw.