‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Gerald McRaney Details the ‘Little Bit of Stunt Work’ He’s Done

by Joe Rutland

Gerald McRaney of NCIS: Los Angeles loves to do stunt work. In fact, the Emmy Award-winning actor is always looking to do some.

What has that been like during his time on the CBS drama? He’s playing Admiral Hollace Kilbride, who has taken over the team lead spot with Hetty (Linda Hunt) out on assignment.

McRaney, remembered by many for his role on Simon & Simon, talked about it in an interview with NBC New York.

When asked about what type of stunts are we talking about, McRaney jokingly said, “Getting up out of bed in the morning.”

McRaney adds, “That’s what I’m capable of, really, in stunts. They let me do a couple of fight scenes and action sequences. But that’s the little bit of stunt work that’s been done so far with my character.”

It should be noted that the NCIS: Los Angeles star is 74 years old.

Other TV shows where McRaney has been a star include Major Dad and Promised Land.

For playing Dr. Nathan Katowski on NBC’s This Is Us, he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Actor Is Definitely Impressed With Show’s Set

Would you believe that McRaney is having fun on the CBS drama?

He says that he is right now on NCIS: Los Angeles.

McRaney said it’s the most fun “I’ve had on a series since Simon & Simon.” That’s a reference to his 1980s show where he starred with Jameson Parker on CBS. “And it is just fun every day I go to work.”

As for the show’s set, the actor says it’s one of the most interesting sets ever “and I love it.”

“The quirkiness of all of that stuff is appealing to me as an actor,” he said.

Now, the Office of Special Projects is in a “condemned” building and its inside is homey and bright.

Actor Quite Impressed By CBS Drama’s Unique Set Design For Show

The show’s set is probably one of the most unique NCIS sets. The team will conduct interrogations in an old boat shed.

“They’ve added a nice sort-of deck area in (the) back of the boatshed itself, where we’ve played a few scenes now,” he said.

But McRaney also said, “I don’t know if it’s not appealing to Kilbride as a character, but I love working there.”

Now that he’s overseeing the team, what changes would Kilbride like to make?

He told TV Insider that Kilbride most likely won’t make any huge ones.

“There may be a few cosmetic things that the Admiral might want to change,” McRaney said, “but why would he go in and want to radically change something that’s such a successful operation to begin with?”