‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Gerald McRaney Knows ‘Very Little’ About Kilbride’s Personal Life

by Samantha Whidden

He has played the role of Horace Kilbride on the hit series NCIS: Los Angeles since 2014, but Gerald McRaney admits he doesn’t know much about his character’s personal life.

During his recent interview with TVInsider, The NCIS: Los Angeles star states, “Very little, other than he’s been married a few times.”

When asked if Killbride will be making his way into the field more, the NCIS: Los Angeles castmate replied, “I hope so. Because I always have fun doing those things. What was it, the season before last I guess, that they had me actually involved in a fighting scene? That just, even for an old guy like me, sort of loosens up all the creaky joints.”

In regards to if NCIS: Los Angeles viewers will see Killbride away from the office, besides him driving in, McRaney added, “I certainly hope so. And I think you will.”

Gerald McRaney Reveals Why His Character is Sticking Around on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’

While also talking to TVInsider, Gerald McRaney revealed why his Killbride character is sticking around on the NCIS series. “Because Hetty was the one who brought him in ages and ages ago on a particular case. So he and Hetty are old friends-slash-rivals. They have their disagreements and stuff. But when Hetty needed him. He came in.”

While continuing to discuss the Killbride and Hetty connection, the NCIS: Los Angeles star revealed that that the writers wanted to have some level of conflict. But not a disrespectful conflict between the two characters. “They’re just writing good stuff for me. And I think they’ve managed to walk that line between a simple disagreement and disrespect. Which they’ve managed to pull off.”

When asked if things will change now that the Admiral is running the office, the NCIS: Los Angeles cast member explained there are a few cosmetic things that the character might want to change. “But why would he go in and want to radically change something that’s such a successful operation, to begin with?”

But the NCIS star does admit there’s one thing that Admiral may change. “The only thing that I would imagine is that people will take the Admiral’s directives a bit more seriously. Because now they are official orders. It’s not that he’s coming in and sort of lending hand. He is now the boss.”

In regards to his character’s clashes with Callen and Sam about the way the NCIS team is run, McRaney added, “I think they’re a little too outside the box for the Admiral. The Admiral is one who believes more in a very strict chain of command than these guys necessarily do.”