‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Gives Preview of Intense Kensi Blye Scene Ahead of Tomorrow’s New Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

Kensi Blye is facing some bad dudes in a preview of the next “NCIS: Los Angeles”. The show’s official Instagram posted a clip from the episode, titled “A Land of Wolves”. In the clip, Kensi and a currently unknown woman scramble down a hill to escape from someone. Kensi and the woman speak Spanish to each other, so we can assume the woman is a migrant that Kensi was helping across the border.

Kensi tells the woman to stay hydrated and gives her a canteen. The woman drinks, while Kensi makes herself a tourniquet from her belt; it looks like she’s been shot or cut on the arm. The woman says in Spanish, “You are not a Coyote.” Then in English, “You wouldn’t be here if you were. You would’ve left me here to die.”

“Maybe I’m one of the good ones,” says Kensi. She seems to be keeping up some sort of ruse, so maybe she’s been undercover. The woman replies, “No such thing. Who are you?”

Kensi gives her name, then says, “I’m an American Federal Agent, I’m here to stop a lot of bad people.” We don’t exactly know where “here” is. We can assume Mexico, what with the synopsis telling us Kensi is helping people across the border, but we won’t be sure until the episode airs.

“In the cartel?” the woman asks. “Did they find out who you really are?”

“I don’t know,” replies Kensi, “but I’m not going to wait around to find out.” Just then, they hear tire tracks on the road behind them, and duck down. An ATV goes by with someone on it, though their face isn’t seen. Just someone on a ride, or someone on the lookout for them?

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Could David Kessler Return to Haunt Kensi?

Now that we have a Kensi-centered episode, it could be time to bring back one of her old nemeses; David Kessler, the sociopath who stalked and terrorized her. He got to her so badly that she had nightmares about him.

While there’s no news that he’ll be back in the flesh, Kensi’s recent ordeal could bring back a lot of bad memories. She could suffer more PTSD from being kidnapped, be reminded of Kessler’s horrendous threats to rape and murder her and succumb to more nightmares.

Kessler could be mentioned in the upcoming episode, but it seems like that’s the only appearance he’s going to make any time soon. The Kessler-Kensi arc was never played out to its full potential, though. So, maybe Kessler actor and show writer Frank Military has something up his sleeve for the “NCIS: Los Angeles” character. Hopefully, the team can put him away for good, with no more executive orders to save him.