‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Here’s Everything That Went Down in Last Night’s Season 13 Episode 2

by Jacklyn Krol

NCIS: Los Angeles team sprung into action after a veteran was subjected to a hate crime.

Season 13 Episode 2, entitled “Fukushu,” left Lieutenant Junior Grade Craig Tanaka almost beaten to death. At first, Fatima and Sam went back and forth to decide if it was a hate crime or just a terrible crime that had no racial motivation.

Craig’s son, Jack, who is an LAPD detective, believes that the crime was because he is a Japanese American. During the episode, Kensi and Deeks questioned if they were equipped enough to adopt a child of another race.

Craig was working at a construction company where there was also an attack on the workplace. A brick was thrown through a window. At the restaurant where they were redoing, Sam and Callen saw something fishy with a wall. They discover that someone was trying to paint over a message, “Go Home Japs.” They ran prints and discovered that one of them belonged to Jason Quinn.

How is Quinn involved? He was living with a person named Strauss, his family owned the restaurant that Craig was renovating. It ended up being all Strauss, who even bragged about the attack. Luckily, Jack found him and beat him up. Unfortunately, they had to arrest Jack for the assault along with Strauss for arrest.

The Losses of an ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Members

Ravil Isyanov, passed away on September 29 at his Los Angeles home. You may recognize the 59-year-old as the Russian mobster Anatoli Kirkin. He appeared as both a friend and villain who double-crossed the team in seasons 4, 7, 9, and 10.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, his former manager, Frederick Levy, said that he was battling an illness before his passing.

“Even while battling this awful disease, Ravil remained brave and resilient, bringing his best to the set and working up to the very end. He will be dearly missed,” he said.

During the premiere episode of this season, fans saw a title card at the end of the episode. The NCIS: Los Angeles team dedicated the episode to Michele Poulik.

“In loving memory of Michele Poulik, whose smile, presence, and laughter lit up every day,” the screen read.

Poulik acted as the set designer on the show for almost its entire run. She passed away on August 2, 2021. She completed Season 12 and died just before the Season 13 premiere. Her Facebook page shared that she worked for CBS and Paramount Television Studios. Her education included getting a degree in Fine Arts at Wayne State University.

Set Decorators noted her accomplishments, like being nominated for Emmys. They revealed that she died at her Los Angeles home surrounded by her family and also her friends.