‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Highlights Deeks and Kensi in Adorable New Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton

The relationship between Kensi and Deeks gives NCIS: Los Angeles its heart.

And the CBS social media account highlighted some of that Deeks and Kensi magic Saturday to promote Sunday night’s episode.

“Not to be dramatic,” CBS tweeted of NCIS: Los Angeles. “But we would literally do ANYTHING to have someone look at us the way Kensi looks at Deeks.” And the tweet used a couple of emojis with the #densi hashtag.

Eric Christian Olsen is Marty Deeks, the former LAPD liaison turned NCIS investigator. And Daniela Ruah is Kensi Blye, Deeks’ wife, who has been a special agent since the season one premiere. Kensi is hardcore. And she loves her husband. Deeks is the king of goofy one-liners.

In Sunday’s ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode We’ll See More Details About Kensi-Deeks Adoption Process

In Sunday’s episode, we’ll see more details of the couple’s quest to expand their family. The episode is called Fukushu. And according to CBS, “NCIS takes the case personally when an LAPD officer’s father, a beloved elderly Japanese American veteran, is the victim of a vicious hate crime.”

But there is a subplot. Kensi and Deeks have filled out adoption paperwork.

“Kensi and Deeks ticked the box (on the adoption application) that race wasn’t an issue,” Ruah told TV Guide. “But (they) didn’t think what that might entail. You want this child to relate to their natural-born culture and fit in.”

So the NCIS: Los Angeles team is trying to solve a hate crime involving an elderly Asian man. And Kensi and Deeks are pondering what happens if they adopt a baby who might be Asian.

In the season premiere, Kensi talked to Hetty about using her as a reference in the adoption process. But Hetty said no, which left Kensi deeply unsettled. Presumably, it’s because Hetty was in charge of a secret CIA program that tried to identify and recruit potential intelligence agents among children in foster care. The Russians used to train their intelligence operatives at that age, too.

Neither Kensi nor Deeks has found out about Callen’s newly discovered information about the program. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) was in foster care after his mother was killed. Hetty discovered him as a teenager when he got in trouble and was put in detention. She helped push him towards the CIA.

Callen found some old files as the premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles unfolded last Sunday. There were files on each subject. And the subjects were all kids in foster care. They weren’t identified by name, only a number. Callen figured out he was Subject 17. Hetty originally encountered him when he was in middle school, possibly even younger.

Callen eventually confronted Hetty about what she did. She finally admitted it, then skipped off to an assignment in Syria. It all seems to be a complementary plotline to a potential adoption story for Deeks and Kensi.