‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Chris O’Donnell Started Dating His Wife

by Clayton Edwards

Today, many fans link Chris O’Donnell with his role on NCIS: Los Angeles. However, he had an impressive filmography before joining the hit TV show. In fact, he was in some of the biggest movies of the 90s. He appeared in Fried Green Tomatoes, School Ties, Scent of a Woman, and The Chamber to name a few. However, fans of all ages turned out to see him as Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. The latter came out in June of 1997, less than two months after he married his wife Caroline Fentress.

At just 26 years old, Chris O’Donnell was at the top of his career. However, there was something missing from his life. He found that missing piece in Caroline Fentress. It’s interesting to note that she’s not an actress or connected to Hollywood or Television in any way besides her marriage. When they met, she was an elementary school teacher. The fact that he was a superstar and she was a teacher made many people wonder how they met.

Chris O’Donnell sat down with Redbook back in 2010 to talk about his family, kids, and career. At one point, the publication wanted to know how he and his wife met. The story was pretty surprising.

How Chris O’Donnell Met His Wife

Chris O’Donnell told Redbook that he lived in the same building as Caroline’s brother, Andrew. They were pals. One night, she came to visit her brother and, O’Donnell said they had “a little smooch,” then he didn’t see her again for three years. However, he never forgot about Caroline or their little smooch. Finally, he had to reach out to her and see if the chemistry was real.

He made that decision one night while he was out with his pal Andrew. Chris O’Donnell asked him, “What is that little sister of yours up to? Let’s give her a call.” Luckily for O’Donnell, Andrew was cool with the idea. So, they called Caroline.

Chris O’Donnell recalled that she asked “Why are you calling me?” which was fair. The Batman Forever star told Redbook, “I didn’t really know why, except that I had never forgotten her.” They started talking that night. They dated for three years and got married in 1997.

The interviewer commented that he got married young and at the height of his fame. Chris O’Donnell wouldn’t have it any other way. “I was in the right place earlier than I thought,” he told the publication. He went on to say, “I would think to myself ‘Could I imagine not marrying her?’ And there was just no way.”

Today, Chris and Caroline O’Donnell have been married for 24 years and have five children.