‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Eric Christian Olsen Has Taken on Bigger Role Behind the Scenes

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen, who looks far more like a surfer than buttoned-down law enforcement, really is increasing his profile on the show.

It’s not his work in front of the camera portraying Marty Deeks, husband of Kensi Blye and potential parent to an adopted child. He’s played Deeks since the first season of NCIS: Los Angeles and remains a fan favorite. How can anyone not like floppy-haired, big-hearted Deeks?

Rather, Olsen is taking on a larger role behind the camera for his own show and another series. Olsen wrote an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles for later this season. We know it’s episode 19. Coincidentally, Ruah directed the episode.

The show’s next new episode is set for Jan. 2. Writers called it Lost Soldier Down. It’s No. 7 of season 13. Considering the show took a five-week hiatus for the holidays, Olsen’s episode will be several months away from hitting TV screens.

Remember NCIS: Los Angeles Episode Called Mother? Check It for Olsen’s Prints

Deeks wrote one previous episode for NCIS: Los Angeles. He called it Mother. And it was very Hetty centric. Here’s the synopsis of it: “Akhos Laos, a former black-ops agent originally recruited and trained by Hetty Lange, returns to seek revenge on Hetty for the life she introduced him to.” The episode ran on Dec. 1, 2019.

“I knew that this was something I wanted to do,” Olsen said., as he recalled pitching the idea to showrunner Scott Gemmill. “I think that muscle, as you know, was one of the favorite parts of my education — creative writing. Then, you get your job and you kind of lose that.

Plus, Olsen expanded the brain muscle even by accepting a new project earlier this year. He is the executive producer of a show CBS is creating. Olsen’s company — Cloud Nine Productions — is involved with the new show. It’s called Rescue: MIA. It’s about a legendary family of first responders living in south Florida. CBS wants it to be a tropical Blue Bloods. It’s still unclear whether Olsen may leave NCIS: Los Angeles to also act on the new show. It’s difficult to imagine a Deek-less series.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates that this NCIS: Los Angeles star likely is worth $13 million.

Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

Ruah Also Doing Overtime Behind Camera

And get this, Ruah is another cast member who stepped up and offered to do more on the show. Ruah, who portrays Kensi, added director to her NCIS: Los Angeles duties for the second straight season.

When the show returns on Jan. 2 for its new episode, we’ll be able to see Ruah’s directing viewpoint and whether it’s any different than others who oversee the show. The episode was produced weeks ago, but won’t come onto the air until the show returns from hiatus. According to the CBS plot summary, it doesn’t appear Ruah will have much screen time in the episode. “NCIS investigates the apparent suicide of a Navy intelligence officer who leapt to his death after taking LSD. Also, while Kensi is away, Deeks makes plans to redo the backyard without her input.”

The next week is another banner one for Ruah’s Kensi. A private militia kidnaps her as she works with immigrants at the border.