‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: How Much Does Linda Hunt Make Per Episode?

by Shelby Scott

Linda Hunt began her role as NCIS Office of Special Projects Operations Manager Hetty Lange during “NCIS: Los Angeles’s” 2009 launch. Since then, the actress has remained an iconic and crucial cast member within the CBS series. Now, as one of the show’s mainstay cast members for more than a decade, the actress boasts quite a paycheck.

The spin-off series came as a product of flagship show “NCIS.” 13 seasons in, it attracts around 7.8 million viewers per episode. The massive audience speaks to the show’s success. Further, the viewership total demonstrates the consistent love and support fans share for the LA-based characters.

That said, Hetty doesn’t necessarily turn out for the most explosive of “NCIS: Los Angeles” scenes. However, her actress, in all her character’s dynamism, brings in a jaw-dropping total of $80,000 per episode. That leaves us wondering just how much the remainder of the star-studded cast brings in.

Regardless, fans of the procedural series worried Lange’s actress intended to leave “NCIS: Los Angeles” soon. Speculation came as she’s made minimal appearances over the last two seasons. However, with such an impressive paycheck and the assurance of showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, we can confirm the “NCIS: Los Angeles'” cast member intends to stay. Hunt’s extended absence comes as a result of efforts to keep her safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The List reports that on top of her role as “NCIS: Los Angeles'” Hetty Lange, Hunt is also noteworthy for voicing Grandmother Willow from Disney’s “Pochahontas,” as well as for he role in “The Practice.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Prepares for January Return

Now, fans breathe a sigh of relief that “NCIS: Los Angeles” regular Linda Hunt has no apparent plans of departing the show. With that, we can look forward to the series’ return on January 2nd. And in celebration of that, social media managers for the hit series shared a hysterical promotion on their Twitter page.

Overall, the post indicates the conclusion of “NCIS: Los Angeles’s” weeks-long hiatus, leaving Outsiders amped up and ready for their return.

The promotion captures two images side-by-side. The first shows Kensi and Deeks on a stakeout, the former peering into a pair of binoculars. Opposite of the characters, the network added a photo of a calendar showing January of 2022. Overall, the calendar is blank except for a prominently marked event on the 2nd that reads, “NCISLA Returns!!!”

“NCIS: Los Angeles” created the photo with a vignette shaped like the binoculars themselves, adding to the humor and creativity within the post.

Cheesy? A little. Effective? Definitely.

Fans took to the comments to share their excitement.

“Counting the days!” wrote one fan. “Can’t wait. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching the old episodes esp [Densi] episodes.”

Another wrote, “Can’t wait. I missed you guys.”

Similar comments followed, however, others said they would be even more excited for “NCIS: Los Angeles'” return if Hetty showed up.

Now, we circle back to the beloved actress as we also hope we’ll see more of Hetty very soon.