‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Just ‘Blessed’ Everyone’s Timeline With This New Photo

by Evan Reier

Are you feeling good vibes NCIS: Los Angeles fans? You should be, the show is back in full swing and its been exciting and fun as always.

While NCIS: Los Angeles tackles some seriously intense topics, possibly it’s best feature is the fun the characters have. From Deeks to Sam to Kensi to Hetty, the writing allows everyone to crack a joke or make a moment fun.

In that vein, you cannot talk about the cast without bringing up Devin Rountree. The quick-witted and hilarious special agent provides comic relief when its needed (and when its not.) After being introduced in Season 11, actor Caleb Castille has been able to bring Rountree to life as a series regular for Season 12 and 13.

So when NCIS: Los Angeles “blessed” timelines with an all-smiles photo of the agent, fans came out in full force.

“Your timeline has been blessed with the Beaming Rountree of Good Fortune, the show wrote. “Drop a [smile emoji] if you’re feeling the good vibes already.”

Blessed, indeed. At least that’s how fans of NCIS: Los Angeles were feeling.

“We love Rountree,” @IvaNa_1478 wrote. Meanwhile, @CauseRSisEpic replied, “needed this today haha.”

Just another moment that shows why people love NCIS: Los Angeles and the community that follows it. Good vibes in spades.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 13 Episode Directed and Written by Stars

It remains to be seen how interested Caleb Castille is in writing or getting behind the camera. One thing he can bank on is that his costars got it if he doesn’t.

As TVLine reported, Kensi Blye actor Daniela Ruah will direct an episode of Season 13, while Deeks actor Eric Christian Olsen is writing it. It’s not the first rodeo for Olsen, who also wrote the 250th episode of the hit show.

Further, it is not the first time that Ruah will take on directorial duties. Ruah directed the 11th episode of Season 12, which was a considerable challenge due to the restrictions of filming in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ruah opened up on how it felt doing it for the first time.

“Doing it for the first time is interesting, because I have many parameters to work with, which helps me,” she said. “I feel really excited and I’m loving it.” 

Considering the pair’s on-screen chemistry is one of show’s best features, it feels like a safe bet that their work together on the upcoming episode will translate well.

For reference, the episode they will be writing and directing is Episode 19 of Season 13. We don’t have much info, not even an episode name yet, but it will surely be a major point on and off screen for NCIS: Los Angeles.