‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Major Detail Revealed About Kilbride and Character He Killed

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles fans applauded the delicious twist of Sunday night’s Divided We Fall.

We got a big clue into Kilbride’s (Gerald McRaney) past. And, we learned that Kilbride, a 70-something retired admiral, excels in the field and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

It was all about Laura Song, the former CIA operative who turned against her own country. Kilbride said she was the best agent he’d ever seen as she worked to gather intel against the Chinese Navy. He recruited her to the business decades ago when she was a young U.S. sailor.

Ending of NCIS: Los Angeles Episode Showed Us Kilbride Kept Laura’s Photo

Kilbride was close enough to Laura that he carried her photo inside the leather portfolio he keeps on his desk. And she was enough of a traitor that he killed her in Sunday’s episode, but not before she taunted him with the news that he was the mark all along.

 “You didn’t choose me, I chose you,” she said. “You were the perfect mark, a man with a broken family, wanting a second chance.”

Laura tried to shoot Kilbride, but he pulled the trigger first. Will we ever find out how close the two actually were? There’s not much known about Kilbride’s past. McRaney told TV Insider last month that he didn’t even know anything about his character “other than he’s been married a few times.”

The official NCIS: Los Angeles social media account tweeted a Kilbride “Happy now” gif at the end of Sunday’s episode.

“You got your episode #NCISLA fam, and it was a true nail-biter. What did you think?”

Well, fans had lots of thoughts about the episode. One fan posted: “Wow. Tremendous episode. Great twist. More insight into Kilbride. Gerald McRaney…GREAT addition to the show.”

Another wrote: “Awesome. Simply awesome.” While another worried about the agents. “I feel bad because they think they failed, not used to that. A lot involved.”

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Kilbride Let His Team Think Laura Died a Hero

Here’s how much was involved with the NCIS: Los Angeles episode.

Kilbride first ordered his team to pick up Laura and take her to a secured building. He told them her cover probably was compromised and that she needed protection from the Chinese. Laura was super friendly to Sam and Callen, as she poured herself a drink and talked about Kilbride.

She told them that she was the daughter of a Chinese father and American mother. Kilbride discovered her when she was 17. And yes, she knew all about Hetty, too. She said she could tell that Hetty probably worked to set up this secure building. She and Sam talked about their kids. Laura said her daughter had no idea what she actually did for a living. To normal people, Laura was an art dealer.

Kilbride was the only one who knew the real story. Everyone knew that Laura died — she’d been shot in the chest. The NCIS: Los Angeles agents thought they’d didn’t do enough to protect her from the Chinese. But the Chinese weren’t there to kill her. They were there to extract her from the Americans.

Kilbride isn’t going to tell them, but will writers reveal more about their relationship in future episodes? Outsiders, stay tuned. This could be a juicy storyline.