‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ May Feature a Hearse Shootout in New Episode

by Shelby Scott

Here at Outsider, we’ve seen hearses utilized for a number of reasons besides their usual somber events. Now it appears, as “NCIS: Los Angeles” prepares for its fourth new episode of season 13, some of our favorite characters might be caught in a major shootout behind the wheel of a hearse. Check out the clip below, as well as its ironically jaunty orchestral soundtrack.

Coincidentally, Kensi and Callen‘s hearse shootout takes place tonight, right in time for Halloween. Did you plan this one CBS? Regardless, we have to wonder how Kensi and Callen wound up in a hearse on tonight’s episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles” in the first place.

Thanks to CarterMatt, we can provide you with some essential answers before jumping into tonight’s shootout.

According to the outlet, our “NCIS: Los Angeles” agents have planned an undercover operation investigating a truckload of stolen goods. However, when the crew finds their top suspect dead, things go sideways, leading us to the heart-pounding hearse shootout.

As for the full synopsis:

“As Callen continues hunting Katya, Killbride enlists NCIS to help find a truckload of stolen guns. The assignment becomes more challenging when their suspect, the son of a mob boss they believe was planning to sell them, is found dead.”

And speaking of death (as if we really hadn’t been in the first place), Kensi utters some pretty ironic sentiments prior to getting caught in the crossfire. “This is awkward, never thought I would die in a hearse,” our beloved agent remarks.

Stoic as always, Callen responds, “I don’t plan on letting that happen.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Highlights Awesomely Fake Inter-Agent Scuffle

While this week, we get to see one of our favorite “NCIS: Los Angeles” agents, Kensi, caught in the middle of quite the unique shootout, last week saw her amid some pretty intense(ly fake) confrontation with fellow Agent Fatima.

If you don’t recall, last week’s episode saw our agents fronting as addicts in one of Malibu’s drug rehab centers. While the pair pretends to be hooked on a variety of addictive substances, their genuine purpose was to scout of the girlfriend of a lethal gun runner.

While the scene is definitely not the most explosive we’ve seen in the series, it was interesting watching our “NCIS: Los Angeles” agents “fight” against each other. Check it out before you head into this week’s crazy plotline.

Watching Kensi put Fatima in a headlock was awesome, however, even more awesome was the latter agent’s response. As Fatima walked away, blood seeming to drip from her hairline, she smiles, “this place sucks.”