NCIS: Los Angeles: Recap of Episode 8, Season 13, A Land of Wolves

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

NCIS: Los Angeles fans, remember the Sons of Our Fathers militia, the ones from Arizona? Their patron was a former general. On Sunday night, they regrouped into an even nastier band.

They’re known now as The 11. And we have more details. The militia members are all Marines who regrouped in California. Their desire was to capture immigrants trying to cross the border and then turn them in to U.S. Border Patrol. And about that name? The 11 refers to the original states of the Confederacy.

And briefly, they kidnapped Kensi, which brought the wrath of NCIS: Los Angeles upon them. Kensi was in Mexico. She appeared to be investigating members of a cartel. And as the episode opened, someone was shooting at the immigrants. They killed five of them. Kensi and a young woman named Rosa were the only two survivors, but where were they?

As the episode unfolded, we met Special Agent Aliyah de León. NCIS: Los Angeles brought her in because they were short-handed. Both Callen and Rountree were on personal leave, and Kensi was on assignment in Mexico. Spoiler alert, Briana Marin, who portrayed de Leon, will be back in the next episode, Jan. 23. Sunday’s episode introduced her as a long-time friend of Sam’s (LL Cool J.)

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It Looked Dire for Kensi to Start NCIS: Los Angeles Episode

Fatima and de Leon apprehended a Marine, a guy named Gomez, whose cousin was affiliated with a cartel. Deeks and Sam head to the site where they found the bodies. A Border Patrol agent told them the site was a migration corridor, a smuggler’s highway. He said Kensi living through the incident was highly unlikely.

Fatima and de Leon find a group of immigrants in a shed near Gomez’s house. One had seen Kensi. She also talked about how there were soldiers hunting them down. This didn’t make sense since soldiers wouldn’t be involved in such work.

The two finally got Gomez to crack. He tells the NCIS: Los Angeles agents that his cousin paid him under the table so that they could round up undocumented immigrants and turn them over to authorities.

Fatima learned more about The 11, figuring out they were the rebranded militia from an earlier case. That drew Kilbride’s ire.

“Morons masquerading as GI Joes, clinging on to some fairy tales,” Kilbride said. Then he had the NCIS: Los Angeles quote of the year. As Kilbride made fun of the militia members, he said of one: “If he got an order of haul ass, he’d have to make two trips.”

So let’s get back to Kensi and Rosa. The 11 had the two of them. Rebecca Gordon, their leader, viewed Kensi as a traitor. But as the militia members talked amongst themselves, Kensi and Rosa got away. The bad guys found them again, as one suggested they kill Kensi and Rosa by tying them up and leaving the animals to eat them.

Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

Suddenly, Sam and Deeks burst from the bushes. They’d found a message Kensi left for them in the dirt near a signal fire.

Deeks threw Kensi a gun. Kensi shot Rebecca in the chest. And everybody watching NCIS: Los Angeles applauded the shot.

At the end of the episode, we were left this little crumb. Remember when Deeks and Kensi decided to become foster parents? It looks like the two might bring Rosa to their home. Stay tuned.