‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Renee Felice Smith is Getting ‘Subtle Signs from the Universe’

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2021

We bring you a daily musing from NCIS: Los Angeles alum Renee Felice Smith. She’s definitely on quirky brand with this one.

The actress who played fan-favorite Nell Jones has a way of spotting those “make you go hmmm” moments in the most unusual spots. She played an intelligence analyst on NCIS: Los Angeles. And she pointed out something that the cosmos may be telling her. She found such wisdom in a benign, blinking highway sign.

Smith posted a photo from behind the wheel. She was in traffic somewhere on the New York Thruway. And the sign? “You’re out of your mind.”

She captioned said snap: “subtle signs from the universe.” So we’re wondering if Smith, who was on NCIS: Los Angeles for 11 years, simply turned towards home. We’d pull up the covers and eat Christmas cookies.

NCIS: Los Angeles Alum Loves the Life Quirks She Sees

Smith loves to post little slices of her life. Our favorite of the week was Smith’s photo of her and her fur babies. She’s looking kind of wide-eyed crazed on the couch, but she also has three dogs to make things better. The dogs were being dogs. All were napping , so there was no need for the relaxed canines to even blink at the camera. Two bookended the couch and one slept in Smith’s lap. Just saying, Christmas cookies would make that couch scene nearly perfect.

Smith’s fans still aren’t over her departure from NCIS: Los Angeles. We’re hoping in that TV alternate reality, Nell and Eric (Barrett Foa) are happy and banking big money in Tokyo. In May’s season 12 finale, Nell received blessings from Hetty to leave NCIS and go away with Eric, who’d joined the private sector and bought a super fancy sports car.

So What’s Up with the Show? Answer: Daniela Ruah

Betting you’re wondering what’s up with NCIS: Los Angeles. We’re all missing Sam, Callen, Rountree, Deeks, Kensi and Fatima. Even Kilbride. Meanwhile, Hetty is off to parts unknown. The show hasn’t broadcast a new episode since the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The cast, though, is working.

NCIS: Los Angeles returns Jan. 2, so hit the couch and make room for a canine. You’ve got some viewing to do. The official CBS plot summary is a tantalizing one: “The episode is Lost Soldier Down. And “NCIS investigates the apparent suicide of a Navy intelligence officer who leapt to his death after taking LSD. Also, while Kensi is away, Deeks makes plans to redo the backyard without her input.”

Daniela Ruah, who portrays Kensi, directed the episode. It’s her second one for NCIS: Los Angeles. And she has a third on the way for some spring-time viewing. Writers called her very episode Russia, Russia, Russia. The Callen-heavy episode ran Feb. 21.

Ruah’s Kensi has a bigger role in front of the camera for the Jan. 10 episode called Land of Wolves. Here’s how CBS described what’s in store for this new NCIS: Los Angeles hour. “The NCIS team scrambles to find Kensi, when she is attacked and kidnapped by a mysterious militia group while helping a group of migrants cross the border.”