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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Teases New Role as Show Comes to an End

by Taylor Cunningham
Daniela Ruah
(Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

NCIS: Los Angeles hasn’t even come to a close, and star Daniela Ruah has already landed another project.

Ruah has been starring in the hit CBS procedural as Kensi Blye since 2009, only three years after she began acting, which means the role has defined her career. But that didn’t stop casting agents from scouting her the moment they learned she was about to have some time on her hands.

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As the actress announced on Instagram, she has started working on her next project, Turn of the Tide, a Netflix series.

Ruah didn’t give much information in her post, unfortunately. Instead, she simply attached the series’ promotional poster is both Portuguese and English and captioned, “It’s coming…”

According to IMDB, the series follows “four friends whose lives changed forever with the arrival of a ton of cocaine.” Ruah plays a character named Fátima.

In the comments Ruah explains that Turn of the Tide is filmed and aired in Portuguese with the option to watch it dubbed in English.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Daniela Ruah Has Already Launched Another Project

The drama is one of two projects Daniela Ruah lined up since NCIS: Los Angeles announced its upcoming series finale. The star is also hosting a Portuguese game show called Os Traidores, or The Traitors in English.

The actress shared the project with fans in March, and the first episode finally dropped this week. The unscripted show is an adaptation of Peacock’s The Traitors, which puts a group of 20 together in a castle. There is a group of traitors and a group of loyals, and the audience has no idea who the traitors are.

Each episode sees the contestants work through challenges and concludes with two eliminations. In one, the traitors “murder” someone by putting a note under their door. And the second comes when everyone makes a group vote.

At the end, if a traitor is left standing, their group gets to split a massive pot of money. If they are all voted off, the loyals get the pot.

As for NCIS: Los Angeles, the series is currently airing its final episodes after enjoying 14 years with the fan-favorite franchise. The finale will play out in two parts. The first part drops on Sunday, May 14, at 10/9 pm C. Part 2 follows on Sunday, May 21, at 9/8 C on CBS.