‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Gerald McRaney Opens Up About Battle With Cancer

by Lauren Boisvert

It was happenstance that led to Gerald McRaney’s lung cancer diagnosis; he’d gone to the hospital for a knee injury, a torn meniscus that needed surgery. As part of a physical for the surgery, he needed a chest x-ray. According to McRaney, his radiologist didn’t even catch the tumor, it was another doctor who happened to be walking by when his x-rays were up.

McRaney had a 1a tumor, which means the tumor was about 3 centimeters and hadn’t spread to any lymph nodes. That’s usually the smallest doctors can catch tumors. “I got extremely lucky,” McRaney told SurvivorNet earlier this month. “If you’re gonna have something happen like this, the way it happened to me was lucky.”

Gerald McRaney went through surgery to remove the tumor from his lung. He only had about 10 days of recovery before he was back at work performing again.

Now, after 16 years, there’s no sign of cancer in Gerald McRaney’s lungs. “Knock wood and thank God that there hasn’t been any recurrence,” McRaney said. He opened up to TV Insider recently about his struggle and what it’s like to have to go through something like lung cancer.

“The [number one] thing is to adopt a positive mindset,” McRaney said. “You’ve got to be prepared that you’re going into battle. But the battle can be won.”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: New Twist Centering Around Gerald McRaney’s Hollace Kilbride

Sunday night’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” focused on Gerald McRaney’s character Admiral Hollace Kilbride and his relationship with former CIA operative Laura Song. Kilbride recruited her when she was just a U.S. Navy sailor and said she was the best agent he’d ever seen.

He apparently respected her enough to kill her after she turned traitor. She claimed that she had chosen him as a mark all along, that he didn’t choose to recruit her but that she sought him out. We don’t know exactly how close they were, if they had a mentor-mentee relationship or something closer, like a father-daughter dynamic. Or, if Laura Song was faking the whole thing. All we have now is Kilbride’s side of things.

Kilbride hid the fact that he killed her from the team, and they think they failed to protect her from the Chinese Navy. But, it turns out, the Chinese weren’t there to kill her, but to get her out of the United States. She was possibly a double agent, and Kilbride found her out and stopped her. But at what cost? How will this affect him emotionally? How will it affect the team when they find out?

This new arc could shake the already fragile trust the team has in Kilbride. Hopefully, the writers are going to expand on this, if not in the next episode, then it’ll come back to haunt Kilbride somehow.