‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Star Lied About Her Age to Be in a Beck Music Video

by Samantha Whidden

She is known for her role as Fatima on the hit CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles, but Medalion Rahimi admitted she did anything she could to snag other acting roles. This included even lying about her age at one point in time.

During an interview with Film Forums, the NCIS: Los Angeles star revealed she lied about her age so she could make an appearance on a Beck music video.

“I was in a Beck music video I found on my own. I lied about my age so I could be in it. Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg, I was like, ‘I would love to be in this.’ So you do what you gotta do!”

Although she didn’t share any more details about the music video, the NCIS castmate discussed her role in various Industrial commercials.

“I did industrial commercials for prints that people would show at work to demonstrate how to use the print. And the only people who see it are people who work in an office.”

Rahimi also revealed that she did ear-piercing gun industrial commercials as well. So she would have piercings on her ears because people wanted to know how to use the ear-piercing gun.

Medalion Rahimi Shares More Details About Her Role on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ 

While also chatting with Film Forums, Medalion Rahimi opened up about her role on NCIS: Los Angeles and why it stands out. “I play Special Agent Fatima Namazi. She’s an agent who just joined the team. [She] is also a Muslim hijab woman, which is really exciting.”

Rahimi stated that she has gone for a lot of Muslim roles because she’s Iranian and technically Muslim. “But a lot of them have been to play spies or terrorists for mentally ill persons,” the NCIS: Los Angeles star explained. “It’s nice to finally have a role where I’m a real person. A real person on the good side of things. Allowing Muslims to define themselves without a Western agenda smacked onto it.”

Rahimi also described her role on NCIS: Los Angeles as being a positive for the Muslim community and it’s not all about her character being Muslim. “She’s just Muslim and there, as opposed to every episode being about her struggle or fitting and all that. That’s what I’d love toes more of. Just normalizing people of color as lead roles. Regardless of what the story entails.”

In regards to any advice she’d give to aspiring actors, the NCIS: Los Angeles castmate said that photos are a necessity for followers. She also has no problem expressing her thoughts publicly.

“I’ve lost some followers, but they’re people I don’t necessarily want following me anyway. And I gain new ones that are more diverse and open minded.”