‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: The Team Goes on the Search for Missing Radar Technology in Upcoming Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton
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NCIS: Los Angeles is taking a break from new episodes next week. But good news. Your favorite show will return with a double feature.

Outsider previewed the first new episode called Under the Influence. It’s in the usual NCIS: Los Angeles time spot scheduled for Jan. 23.

The second hour of the NCIS: Los Angeles double-double is Where Loyalties Lie. Soak it all in. The show will go on another hiatus as the NFL playoffs evolve into the Super Bowl. Then, a ton of other network shows will pause as NBC shows the Winter Olympics from Beijing.

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This NCIS: Los Angeles Episode Features a Familiar Theme

Here’s the CBS tease for Where Loyalties Lie: “When a civilian scientist working with the marines is killed, and her advanced radar technology stolen, the NCIS team must scramble to find the missing technology and the culprit.”

Stolen technology is a familiar theme for the NCIS franchises this season. The most recent episode of NCIS involved a Navy pilot allegedly stealing a master key for combat and surveillance drones. Turns out his girlfriend did it but set him up to take the blame. Then, back in September, NCIS: Hawai’i made its series debut with an episode featuring the death of a Navy test pilot. An enemy was using women to date men who worked for the Navy or defense contractors so that they could steal secrets, including special technology.

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Former Football Standout Is a Guest Star

In this NCIS: Los Angeles episode, keep your eye on guest star Anthony Alabi. It’ll be difficult to miss him as Marine Master Sgt. David Maxwell. After all, Alabi was a college football star from TCU. That’s where he moved from the defensive line to offensive tackle. Before he arrived at TCU in 2000, Alabi also briefly attended the Naval Academy, so he’ll bring a bit of authenticity to the role. In 2005, Nick Saban, who was then coach of the Miami Dolphins, selected Alabi in the fifth round of the NFL draft. Alabi bounced around the NFL for the next five seasons, going from Miami to Kansas City to Tampa Bay. He retired from the NFL and started acting. Alabi most recently was featured in the Netflix series Family Reunion. He played a former NFL tight end who now is the husband of Tia Mowry.

Kristin Carey also is a guest star in this NCIS: Los Angeles episode. She’ll portray Dr. Laura Nash. It’s not her first NCIS run. She also appeared in NCIS: New Orleans in the 2019 episode The Terminator Conundrum.

The cast and crew of NCIS: Los Angeles is in the midst of an extended production hiatus. The show, along with NCIS, paused production last week as a precaution. The Omicron variant is sweeping through Los Angeles. The cast now is set to return in early February. The pause isn’t expected to impact the TV schedule.

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