‘NCIS: Los Angeles: Team Welcomes Back Familiar Character to Aid Search in Upcoming Episode

by Suzanne Halliburton

NCIS: Los Angeles is skipping next Sunday, but circle Jan. 23 as a rare treat. Fans will get a double dose of investigative drama.

If you watched this Sunday’s episode called A Land of Wolves, then you know the character Aliyah De Leon, the supervisory special agent. She’s a long-time friend of Sam’s who is working with the agents because they’re short-handed. And she’ll return in two weeks for the NCIS: Los Angeles episode Under the Influence. And after Under the Influence, the show returns with Where Loyalties Lie.

CBS ©2021

It’ll Be Last Opportunity to Check out NCIS: Los Angeles Before Show Goes on Super Bowl/Olympic Hiatus

This probably will be fans’ last chance to see NCIS: Los Angeles for several weeks. The show will go back on hiatus rather than competing head to head with the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

But let’s get to some details about the next new episode.

From CBS, we have this compact plot summary: “The NCIS team helps a U.S. ambassador search for her missing daughter, Gia (Caitlin Carmichael), a popular social media influencer. Also, Agent Aliyah De León returns to support the team with the case.”

Carmichael, who plays Gia, probably is most known for Dwight in Shining Armor, a series on BYUtv. She portrayed Gretta, the Gothic princess who had been sleeping for 1,000 years. Dwight is a current-day teenager who woke Gretta when he kissed her. It’s an obvious play on Sleeping Beauty, but with a modern spin. And on NCIS: Los Angeles, she portrays an even more modern-day creature — the social media influencer.

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Here Are Even More Details About the Episode

Patricia Rae also is a guest star. She most recently appeared as a judge in 12 episodes of All Rise.

Anastasia Kousakis wrote the episode. And she knows her NCIS shows. Kousakis wrote an episode for NCIS: Los Angeles in the 2016-17 season. The episode was called Hot Water. And it was a significant one. A mole planted evidence that led to the arrests of Callen, Sam, Granger and Deeks. That was the day that Under Secretary Duggan returned to accept Hetty’s resignation. Plus, Kousakis worked as the assistant to the executive producer for 46 episodes of NCIS.

NCIS: Los Angeles, along with NCIS, hit a pause in production last week as a precaution. The Omicron variant is sweeping through Los Angeles, prompting a number of shows to stop action on set. Deadline reported that no one on NCIS: Los Angeles had tested positive. But an unnamed actor or crew member on NCIS did register a positive test for Covid.

But with NCIS: Los Angeles, there should be plenty of time to pause and adjust without canceling episodes, so long as production doesn’t shut down for weeks. The cast now is expected back in early February. The new episodes on Jan. 23 were produced last year.