‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: What Daniela Ruah Considers ‘Funnest’ Days on Set

by John Jamison

Kensi Blye actor Daniela Ruah loves it when the entire cast of NCIS: Los Angeles gets to goof off with each other between takes. Those are the days she has the most fun.

Actors are always talking about how their fellow cast members become like a second family. NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah is no exception. But even though she’s been working alongside her colleagues for years, it’s not every day that the whole cast gets to be together on set.

Most TV shows follow too many characters for a single episode or scene to do them all justice. Instead, a show like NCIS: Los Angeles chooses to focus on individual storylines, pairing a few of their all-star cast members together at a time.

As a result, Daniela Ruah isn’t given many opportunities to share the screen with everyone at once. The bullpen in the Office of Special Projects provides a good forum for the entire NCIS team to gather. Likewise, the Reagan family dinner table in Blue Bloods accomplishes the same thing. Still, those moments represent only a scene or two from entire episodes.

But if Daniela Ruah had her way, the entire cast would be present for every scene. Why? Because it’s fun, of course.

“I think the funnest days are when everybody is there, when the whole cast is there, when we’re shooting the scenes, like in the bullpen. The way we bond is when they’re moving the cameras around, or when we have a few minutes break when they’re doing something technical,” Ruah told PEP.ph during a 2015 interview.

Daniela Ruah’s comments may have been six years ago, and the cast of characters may have changed some in that time, but based on the product NCIS: Los Angeles is putting out, that energy is still the same.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Actor Says the Cast Brings Incredible Energy

NCIS: Los Angeles fans will recognize Andrea Bordeaux from her 22-episode arc as Special Agent Harley Hidoko from Season 9. It took one short year for Bordeaux to understand Daniela Ruah’s appreciation for her castmates.

“When we’re on set and working, it’s such a great vibe, and there’s such great energy. Everybody brings lots of humor and life, really,” Bordeaux told Leora Heilbronn of Brieftake in 2018. “The veteran cast members, the ones that have been there since day one, such as Todd [LL Cool J] and Chris [O’Donnell] and Eric [Christian Olsen] and Dani [Ruah] and Barrett [Foa] and Linda [Hunt], they are always on their game.”

Bordeaux added that the love those core cast members have for their jobs was evident. It goes without saying, but their love for each other was on full display too.