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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Why Season 13, Episode 6 Could Be Major for Kensi and Deeks

by Suzanne Halliburton
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NCIS: Los Angeles returns with a new episode Sunday. And for you Deeks and Kensi fans, you’ll probably love this hour of action.

That’s because Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and wife Kensi (Daniela Ruah) are on a stakeout … outside of an adoption agency. Yes, we’re getting a glimpse of our favorite couple’s personal lives as they try to grow their family.

Presumably, there are no criminals inside the agency. What we see are a couple of NCIS: Los Angeles agents who are checking out their perceived parenting competition.

NCIS: Los Angeles provided a tease for Sunday’s episode. So first, let’s get the main details out of the way. According to CBS, the episode is called Sundown. And here’s the plot summary: “Sam negotiates and Rountree goes undercover, when a man takes a busload of hostages and threatens to blow it up unless his daughter’s war crimes are posthumously cleared.”

But there’s also the continuing story line of Deeks and Kensi trying to adopt a child. It’s been an ongoing side story since season 13 premiered, Oct. 10. Kensi asked Hetty to be a reference for their application. (She said no). We know that the couple checked the box saying that they’re open to adopting a baby from any race. This detail came up when the agents were investigating a hate crime against an elderly Vietnam War vet, who was Japanese-American.

And in the last new episode, Deeks wondered if the couple should adopt a child, given what the couple does for a living.

The clip NCIS: Los Angeles provided showed a silly, obsessive side of Kensi. Investigative mode is her default.

As the preview opens, we see Deeks and Kensi sitting in their car. Kensi is using binoculars to check out the suspects.

“What about that couple, right there, they look like trouble,” Keni says. And Deeks plays along “Define trouble.”

“Are you kidding me, they’re textbook overachievers,” Kensi says as she stresses. “Look at those clothes, who are they trying to impress?”

Then Deeks, trying to deescalate, points out why they’re there. “Today is just an informational session and it’s just another couple interested in adoption.”

Kensi frets some more. “All we’ve done so far is fill out a bunch of paperwork, right, this just makes it feel that much more real.” Her husband asks her “you think they’re trying to judge us?

“Listen, babe, I know our lives are not the normal lives of adoptive parents,” Deeks says. “But I can guarantee you one thing, these people that you’re looking at, they are not nearly as perfect as you imagine. One of those last two people is a flat earther. … You hit the Bahamas and it just drops off into oblivion. So can we go inside now.”

And in some preview photos, we know the couple hugs during the process. But we don’t know if it’s a celebratory hug or one to console.

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