‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Will Hetty Return for Season 14?

by Joe Rutland

One of the storylines on NCIS: Los Angeles has been Hetty Lange out of the office and on a mission. Will Hetty return next season?

We’ll check out what some fans are saying on Reddit.

Actress Linda Hunt has played Lange on the CBS crime drama. She actually had a role to play in the life of G. Callen, played by Chris O’Donnell. But this season, Hetty headed out to a mission overseas. This led to Gerald McRaney as Admiral Hollace Kilbride coming on board as a leader.

So, what do these fans say? The Reddit thread is simply titled Hetty.

Writer FreshmanMen says, “Do you think Hetty will return? Why has Hetty been absent since Season 10?”

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Fans Offer Their Opinions About Hetty’s Future

It’s a good question with so many people watching NCIS: Los Angeles for many seasons.

Redditor sun_tzu29 replies, “She’s been absent pre-Covid because of the recovery from Linda Hunt’s car crash, which I’m pretty sure was worse than publicly acknowledged. Her absence since Covid has been because of, well, Covid and its tendency to kill those above the age of 70. Plus, Linda Hunt is getting on in years and probably doesn’t want to work as much. You can stop asking the same question every couple of weeks now.”

FreshmanMen replies, “Sorry, it’s just I miss Linda Hunt as Hetty.” NCIS: Los Angeles did have Hunt appear as Lange last season, but they did film her scenes at her Los Angeles home. Due to set restrictions because of COVID-19, Hunt did not appear on the show’s set.

So, reddituser_05 writes, “She probably never thought this show would last 13 years and she wants to retire already.”

NCIS: Los Angeles is not going to be showing new episodes until Sunday, Jan. 2, on CBS.

Others in the show’s cast include LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, Medalion Rahimi, and Caleb Castille.

Actress Decided To Go Back to Acting After Parents Suggested Becoming Director

Linda Hunt always wanted to be an actress. But her parents thought directing would be a better path.

Why? Because the NCIS: Los Angeles star stands 4 foot, 9 inches, due to hypopituitary dwarfism. Hunt moved from Connecticut to New York and went after directing and stage management work.

Still, that was not her dream.

Hunt did go back to acting. She realized that “I was a good enough actor, at that point, to know I didn’t know enough to be a director.”

She takes an acting class from Robert Lewis, a prominent acting teacher and director. Lewis founded New York’s Group Theater in the 1930s. He became head of the acting and directing departments at the Yale School of Drama in the 1970s.