‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Will Kensi Blye Be Killed Off the Show?

by Suzanne Halliburton
CBS ©2021

If you watched Sunday’s NCIS: Los Angeles, you probably wondered if Kensi Bly was destined for a bad ending. After all, there she was, doing undercover work, investigating a cartel.

Early in the episode, called Land of Wolves, there was a high body count along the California border with Mexico. The NCIS: Los Angeles hour started with a scene featuring Kensi with a group of immigrants. Then there was gunfire. The next thing you knew, Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) was giving an update to Deeks, Kensi’s husband that authorities discovered five bodies. Kensi’s wasn’t one of them. But Border Patrol wasn’t optimistic about finding her alive.

But as Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) knew, Kensi was the ultimate survivalist. The plan was to find her before the bad guys did. And the bad guys weren’t the cartel, in this specific case. Rather, they were a group of soldiers who called themselves The 11, a nod to the original states of the Confederacy. These militia members were the leftovers of a group the agents investigated earlier in NCIS: Los Angeles season 13. They used to operate in Arizona, now they’ve regrouped in California, intent on keeping immigrants from crossing the country’s southern border.

“Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

Members of The 11 did find Kensi first. But she left a signal fire burning and used her knife to write 11 near it. The militia group wore that number as an emblem on their uniforms. When Deeks and Sam (LL Cool J) found the fire, they recognized Kensi’s knife and had Fatima search for the meaning of The 11.

Rebecca Gordon, who headed up the militia, wanted Kensi to die. Although she was a federal agent, Rebecca called Kensi a traitor for helping immigrants. Kensi and a young immigrant named Rosa managed to escape. But they were recaptured. One of the militia guys suggested they tie up Kensi and Rosa and allow the wild animals to kill them. That way, there would be no evidence tying the bodies back to The 11. But the soldiers started arguing with each other. Sam and Deeks found them and Deeks tossed a gun to Kensi, who then shot Rebecca.

So yes, Kensi ended the episode very much alive, with writers teasing an interesting NCIS: Los Angeles storyline. Rosa will need foster parents. And Kensi and Deeks already had decided to foster a child after they applied to adopt a baby. Might Rosa eventually come home with them?

NCIS: Los Angeles won’t have a new episode this Sunday. But on Jan. 23, fans will get a rare double feature with their favorite agents. Writers called the first episode Under the Influence. It’ll feature the character Aliyah De Leon, who was part of A Land of Wolves. She’s a friend of Sam’s and joined the team on a temporary basis when Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Rountree (Caleb Castille) took personal leaves.

Then NCIS: Los Angeles follows with an hour called Where Loyalties Lie.

The cast and crew of NCIS: Los Angeles won’t return to work until the first of February. The start was pushed back a few days because of the surge of Omicron cases. But as of now, CBS officials don’t believe the pause will impact the spring schedule for the shows. The series was due to take off several weeks as the NFL playoffs finish and the Winter Olympics start.