‘NCIS’: McGee Calls Out Gibbs For Not Following His Own Rules

by Suzanne Halliburton

There was one moment towards the end of the NCIS season premiere where the pupil taught the master. That’s when McGee flipped Gibbs’ rules back on Gibbs.

The official NCIS Twitter account teased to that memorable moment, which had Gibbs (Mark Harmon) beaming with pride as he heard McGee correctly use his own standards.

Sounds like the rules swayed Gibbs back, at least for another episode. The NCIS social media account captioned it “Keep pushing McGee.”

Now, let’s set the stage for the clip. McGee (Sean Murray) came back to the barn by the lake. He knew Gibbs (Mark Harmon) would be there with Virgil and Thelma. The salty old married couple saved Gibbs after his boat exploded. But it took them a while to trust and warm up to Gibbs.

McGee Opens NCIS Discussion: Can We Talk?

McGee opens this NCIS scene with the standard “Can we talk?”

Gibbs, who doesn’t waste words, says: “Whatever you got to say McGee, say it.”

That’s when McGee brings up the Gibbs rules. However, McGee needed to do some homework and sift through his notes to find rule 91. If you walk away in Gibbs’ world, don’t look back.

So McGee gives it to Gibbs full blast. “Rule 91 sucks. … Rule 91 sucks because it’s in direct violation of rule No. 1. Never screw over your partner.”

Gibbs tried to wriggle out of his own rule. “I’m not your partner,” he tells McGee. And McGee broke it down for Gibbs in true NCIS fashion.

“No, the team is your partner. And you not being with us screws over your partner.”

Gibbs told him “you don’t need me.”

And McGee was prepared for this answer. “You’re right, while you were off on suspension, we did our job, we did our work. We did it well. But you know what, we’re better together. Boss, you know I’m right. you built us, now, we’ve got a serial killer to catch. In order to do that, we need to be a team. We need to be your team.”

The camera panned to Gibbs, who looks at McGee like family. “I’m proud of you,” he said. “Keep pushing McGee, always keep pushing.”

“Does that mean you’re in,” McGee asks his NCIS friend and mentor.

And Gibbs quips “what do ya got?”

Now, It’s Off to Catch a Serial Killer

So, the NCIS team is off to catch a serial killer, one who wraps his victim’s hands and feet with red duct tape. Did he put a bomb in Gibbs’ boat? Why is he killing young women and dumping their bodies in a lake? Did he bug Gibbs’ house and Marcie’s office? Maybe these questions will be answered in Monday’s episode called “Nearly Departed.”

That episode will introduce fans to Gary Cole, who joins the cast as FBI special agent Alden Park. Plus, it also sounds like Vance (Rocky Carroll) is trying to get Gibbs to rejoin NCIS, as opposed to walking away and not looking back. Rule 91 could strike again.