‘NCIS’: McGee’s Mother in Law ‘Has No Shame’ in Preview of Her Judy Character

by Anna Dunn

A new NCIS promo shows that McGee’s mother-in-law “has no shame.” Guest star Patricia Richardson is joining to show to play Judy, the “out there” mother-in-law of the long-time special agent. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Richardson talked about her new role.

The promo for episode 7, called Docked shows Judy being unafraid to divulge information to McGee that he’d really rather not here. She’s definitely bringing in a comedic element to the show, but there’s also plenty of drama inbound.

She describes that herself and a person involved in the investigation were “intimate with each other” after they met on a cruise. “Would it help with the investigation if I went into more detail?” she asked. McGee, of course, doesn’t want to hear about his mother-in-law’s escapades.

Richardson Describes What Her ‘NCIS’ Character is Like

In the interview with TV Insider, Richardson talked about what it was like to join the show, and what fans can expect from the seemingly eccentric character and how she comes off in the promo.

“She’s a free spirit. She has no shame… [That bit] is really indicative of her and him. I’m in the episode quite a bit. The first week I think I did every scene every day. It’s a really great guest part,” she described. While Richardson has had plenty of roles in the past, there was something special about doing NCIS.

“I’ve done some great guest parts, but I don’t know, I never even thought about this, whether it’s the best one I’ve done, but it’s certainly a wonderful part,” she said. Not to mention, her whole family is really excited about this one. They’re all big fans.

“As soon as I read it — because they just offered it to me and my manager called and said, “Oh it’s NCIS” and I went, “Oh my God, that’s my favorite show.” I’m from a big military family, and everyone watches NCIS. This is a huge family event now. I don’t know that I’ve ever done anything that became such a huge family event,” she continued.

She also mentioned in the interview that she’d love a chance to play Judy again because it seems like she’s a ton of fun. Richardson also pointed out that NCIS had a great working environment and that the cast was super welcoming, so who wouldn’t want to come back for another episode?

New episodes of NCIS used to air on Tuesdays, but this year brought in a timeslot change. Now, the show airs every Monday night at 9/8 Central. Afterward, you can catch new episodes of the brand new spinoff series, NCIS: Hawai’i, which follows a different team of NCIS agents solving crime in Hawai’i.