‘NCIS’: McGee Reflects on Gibbs’ Departure in Emotional Sneak Peek

by Lauren Boisvert

“You said that Gibbs was happy. What do you mean?” Nick Torres asks McGee in a sneak peek of tonight’s NCIS episode. McGee looks like he doesn’t know how to respond, then says, voice breaking, “I won’t talk about it.”

Torres nearly begs for information, saying, “You can’t leave me hanging, bro.” But McGee refuses, claiming that his exchange with Gibbs felt private.

Torres finally asks, “Is he going to be okay?” To which McGee responds, “I think he probably hasn’t been this okay in a long time.”

It’s as much of a reassurance for fans as it is for Torres. Fans have been mourning Gibbs’ departure from the show for a week now, with some saying they’re even going to stop watching. No Gibbs, no NCIS, and all that.

But McGee’s comment feels like a little light at the end of the tunnel; the character is okay, he left in a natural way at a natural time. Honestly, they could have killed him off, but that would’ve tanked ratings. Instead, the writers left the door open for Gibbs to return for special milestones if Mark Harmon feels up for it.

Torres then brings up the fact that Director Vance already offered Alden Parker Gibbs’ old job. “The man’s desk is not even cold yet,” says Torres. Jessica Knight chimes in, claiming that the desk is “just going to get colder” and that they “need the body.” Torres looks to McGee to put things right, but McGee walks away, all out of words on the subject.

It’s obvious McGee is still hurting. Hopefully, he gets to take over Gibbs’ desk and lead the team like so many fans want to see.

It’s still up in the air where Alden Parker fits in, but we may find out tonight on the new episode.

‘NCIS’ Reveals Explosive New Photo

Speaking of tonight’s new episode, the NCIS Twitter page recently posted an exciting new promo photo. In the photo, the gang is looking, shocked, at something out of frame; that something we now know to be the exploded body of a suicide bomber connected to the U.S. military.

Someone is recruiting more bombers, and the team has to figure out who before anyone else dies. Can they do it? Also, who’s going to lead the team? Everyone’s hunch is that it’s McGee, but what about Alden Parker? Where is the disgraced FBI agent going to go now? He’s apparently assisting the team on the case, but I’d like to know in what capacity. How do they explain him to Vance? I guess, just like everyone else, I’ll have to wait and see how the new episode plays out.

NCIS season 19 episode 5, “Face the Strange,” airs tonight, Monday Oct. 18 at 9/8c on CBS.