‘NCIS’: Meet the Actor Who Played Pete Walker

by Madison Miller

Since it’s been on for the last 18 years or so, “NCIS” has kept the drama alive by bringing in a number of interesting characters and villains to star alongside the typical crew.

One particular guest star likely looked very, very familiar during Monday night’s new episode. The episode was titled “Peacemaker” and was directed by Rocky Carroll (who plays NCIS Director Leon Vance in the series).

Don Swayze as Pete Walker in Most Recent ‘NCIS’ Episode

During season 19, episode 8, a character named Pete Walker was introduced. Odds are if you’re a fan of “Dirty Dancing” or “Ghost,” Walker may remind you of a certain someone. The actor behind Pete Walker is Don Swayze. He happens to have a pretty close resemblance to his famous late A-list brother, Patrick Swayze.

During this recent episode, Swayze is a vendor at a gun trade show. The team had discovered the body of a Navy reservist that had been shot while inside a junker car at an outdoor shooting range. He was dumped there but was killed somewhere else.

The team determines the man was shot 150 times and finding out who fired the deadly shot would be hard. They first look at the gun salon in order to find the man’s ex-wife. Pete Walker is the one that ends up telling the “NCIS” team that a man named Roy was selling ammo in the parking lot and had been seen fighting with Roy.

This revelation leads to more information on secret romances and possible motives. Eventually, the team figures out what gun killed the Navy reservist. It’s an older gun, which Pete specializes in selling. He tells the “NCIS” crew that a man named Harry Day bought the gun from him. As it turns out, he ends up being the killer we’ve been searching for the whole episode.

Don Swayze’s Other Roles

This is actually the second time that Don Swayze appeared on “NCIS.”

He also appeared in 2004 during season 2, episode 3 as Logan Clay. He played a very minor character during this brief appearance.

Don Swayze has had many different entertainment roles during his career. However, he will likely always be most known for his relationship with Patrick Swayze.

He had smaller roles in movies like “Urban Cowboy,” “Father for Charlie,” “Shy People,” “Heathens and Thieves,” and “Death Ring.” He has had more luck in the TV industry in different drama series and soap operas, however. He appeared in shows like “Longmire,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives,” “True Blood,” “Matlock,” “Murder She Wrote,” “Criminal Minds,” and “American Horror Story.”

In addition to his acting career, Don Swayze also helped his wife Charlene establish what is known as the Swayze Foundation.