‘NCIS’: New Cast Member Katrina Law Reveals How Jessica Knight Will ‘Struggle’ to Fit in With Team

by Anna Dunn

New NCIS cast member Katrina Law just revealed that her character will struggle to fit in with the team. Katrina Law, alongside new co-stars Sean Murray and Wilmer Valderamma, appeared on The Talk earlier today to talk about the season 19 premiere. The show, which has been on hiatus all summer, is coming back tonight.

There will be brand new characters and a ton of intrigue as the team works to find Gibbs after the season 18 finale boat explosion that still has fans talking. But Katrina Law’s character, Jessica Knight, will have a hard time fitting in right away.

“You’re going to see Jessica Knight come in and she’s going to struggle a little bit trying to figure out how to step in with the team because she is an experienced agent and she has had her own history outside of the team,” she explained.

New jobs are never easy, but with a high-stakes one like an NCIS Agent, it seems extra hard.

“Every now and then she butts heads, but I think in a really positive way because I think at the end of the day she really wants to contribute and fit in as much as she can but she might struggle a little bit,” Knight explains.

Not to mention, she’s coming in at a pretty high-stress time for the team. With Gibb’s boat exploding and no sign of their old boss, emotions will no doubt run very high.

‘NCIS’ Comes Back Tonight at 9 Eastern

After months of waiting, NCIS is finally back. With Katrina Law and Gary Cole joining the cast as well as Pam Dawber returning as Marcie Warren, we’ll definitely have a huge season premiere episode tonight. The Twitter account for the show just released an intense new picture of Torres, Marcie, and McGee mid-conversation.

And it looks like they’re on the search for Agent Gibbs.

“The search begins…” the Twitter account for the show wrote. Now, the series is mere hours away.

The search for Gibbs is even higher stakes knowing that the fan-favorite character may be going completely rogue. Executive producer Steven D. Binder teased that Gibbs is going to be completely “unchained” in the new season. While he’s been known to bend the rules before, it looks like this time is going to be different.

“He’s been dangerous; now it’s going to be the subject of all the stories. Gibbs is going to be fully unchained,” Binder recently told TV Insider.

Whether or not we’ll see an example of that tonight remains unclear, but answers remain only hours away. After the premiere of NCIS tonight, the fun isn’t over. You can immediately catch the premiere of the newest spinoff in the franchise, NCIS: Hawai’i starring Vanessa Lachey at 10 EST.