‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Makes the Case for ‘Homeschooling’ in New Message

by Shelby Scott

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the state of public education across the country. As such, “NCIS: New Orleans” alum Lucas Black has been vocal surrounding his own child’s schooling. As teachers and students adjust back to school post-COVID-19 shutdowns, the actor made a case for homeschooling in his latest Twitter post.

Black claims in his post the most crucial and influential factor in a child’s learning comes from their parent’s involvement. He states, “What better way to be involved than homeschooling.”

Previously, homeschooling served as the minority for education across the United States, remaining around 3.3% nationally between 1999 and 2012. Now, the United States Census Bureau reports an explosive increase, with totals ranging around 11.1% as of last fall.

Aside from statistics, Lucas Black’s post received mixed reactions overall.

Some parents applauded Black’s outspokenness toward the controversial subject. Still others pointed out certain heights of hypocrisy on the actor’s part.

In particular, Rebecca wrote, “Lucas are you not a product of a very small public school? Is your sister not a PUBLIC school teacher?? Do you think she is indoctrinating her students? Name a teacher in your PUBLIC school that indoctrinated you!”

Others remained supportive of Lucas Black’s claim. One follower wrote, “You are very right with that! I can’t believe some of the stuff they are trying to pass off as education in schools now a days!!”

Still others responded with, “Amen,” and “We love it.”

For now, it appears Black’s sentiments received the majority vote following his post. However, it should be interesting to watch public education develop as we enter another year into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lucas Black Emphasizes Importance of Hard Work

As an actor famous for his roles within “NCIS” and other hit shows and movies, Lucas Black nevertheless takes the time to teach his sons important life values. Alongside their education, Black has invested a lot of time as a father in instilling the value of hard work into the minds of his kids. And it appears the young boys are taking it pretty well.

An earlier Instagram post features Black and his sons leaving Lowe’s with some boxes and tiling. The star said they were planning to get some weekend work done. One of they boys helps Black carry the large boxes. The actor’s other son totes along the presumably weighty tiles.

“I’ve got my helpers with me,” he affectionately says, in the caption highlighting the value of involving children in everyday projects and tasks. “It might take longer when your kids are working with you but the lessons are valuable.”

Lucas Black fans applauded the actors efforts as a father in the comments below the post. “That’s how children should be raised,” wrote one follower. Others said, “My daddy did the same thing,” and “Yes sir your kids gotta help.”