‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Takes Down Huge Bobcat While on Deer Hunt

by Quentin Blount

If you didn’t already know by now, NCIS: New Orleans alum Lucas Black is a big-time hunter and outdoorsman. Last weekend, he posted an awesome bobcat hunting story to his YouTube channel.

After being out in the blind for hours on end, Lucas Black noticed a problem. He explained in a new YouTube video that there was a bobcat that had been preying on the local deer population in the area he hunts.

“Shortly after the deer crossed the road, a bobcat showed up,” Black explains in the video. “Bobcats prey on deer fawns, and predator numbers are on the rise in this area I hunt. Let’s see if I can save a few fawns and make the shot.”

The video then cuts to footage of Black up in his tree stand, and he is, in fact, able to take a shot at the bobcat. But he’s not sure if he hit it or not. The bobcat took off running after the shot went off.

All the while, it looks like he may have felt something himself. The video then pans back to him, showing that he has a cut that is bleeding on his forehead after taking the shot. It looks like the scope of his gun may have got him.

“I’m bleeding, and [the bobcat] is not,” he says, frustrated.

Later, the former NCIS: New Orleans star brings his two young boys to come out and help him track down the bobcat in case he did hit the shot. Which, it didn’t take them long at all to stumble upon the animal’s dead body.

“Ha! I got that joker,” Black cheers.

Later in the clip, Black points to the cut on his head and says, “It got me, but at least there is one less that the fawns have to worry about.”

Take a look at the entire clip down below:

Fans of Former ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Love His Hunting Content

If you have been enjoying all of the recent hunting content from Lucas Black, you are most definitely not alone. There is a growing number of his fans that have been loving his new videos.

“It is great to see you hunting with your kids,” one fan wrote in the comments. “I went hunting and fishing with my dad. Many blessings to you and yours.”

Meanwhile, another fan chimed in, saying, “Nice shot on the wildcat, Lucas! Great to see the young guns blood tracking that predator! Real-life with the scope bit and all.”

It goes without saying that a lot of Lucas Black’s fans come from his role on NCIS: New Orleans. However, there is at least one fan out there who enjoys his outdoor content even more than his character on the show.

“Thank you for these videos,” a third fan said. “I love the content. I love how you involve your children and family. This is much better than watching NCIS: NO.”

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