‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Did Lucas Black’s Exit Actually Benefit Show?

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans are some of the most unique out there. Often, they sink their teeth into a character’s storyline and refuse to let go seasons later. We’ve witnessed the fact via multiple character departures within the show’s flagship series, “NCIS.” However, over on the former spin-off, “NCIS: New Orleans,” fans became dedicated to the series as well. Therefore, many fans became upset following the death of fan-favorite character Chris LaSalle. That said, it’s interesting to think his demise might have actually benefitted the show.

Lucas Black‘s character LaSalle remained a mainstay on the “NCIS: New Orleans” team for six of its seven seasons. Looper reminds us, though, that often, series regulars eventually depart the cast for one reason or another. Reasoning either comes at the hands of the actor themselves or from crew members.

According to the outlet, the “NCIS: New Orleans” character’s death was ultimately the decision of showrunners. After six seasons exploring a host of the character’s storylines, it was simply time to make room for others.

In this way then, Lucas Black’s exit from “NCIS: New Orleans proved to be a good thing. The outlet summed that writers were able to fill a “more dramatic space” with stories surrounding the franchise’s other characters. They stated these characters had remained “underdeveloped or neglected” until that point.

Lucas Black Leaves Behind ‘NCIS: New Orleans,’ Working on Brand New Film

“NCIS: New Orleans” fans surely miss Lucas Black within the remainder of the seven-season series. However, it appears the actor hasn’t been unsuccessful in finding new work.

After playing Special Agent Christopher LaSalle for so long, the “NCIS: New Orleans” alum has adopted a new role. And he shares that the film places a heavy emphasis on the importance of fatherhood. For Outsiders who actively follow the star’s social media account, then you’ll recognize just how genuinely important that particular family role is.

Black has consistently promoted the movie on his social media accounts, most recently taking to a chilly, snowy climate to share more info regarding his role.

The “NCIS: New Orleans” alum captioned his promotion with, “If you are looking for a story that is entertaining and empowers the nuclear family, this is it.” He continues to explain his new film intends to “uplift” fathers and their children, while other films often poke fun at dads within nuclear families.

Meanwhile, fans of the former “NCIS: New Orleans” star took to the comments to share their own thoughts regarding Lucas Black’s new role.

“About time a story like this is told,” began one of Black’s followers. Like the actor’s sentiments in his caption, they continued with, “I am so tired of the incompetent male/father movies. It is not mentioned enough about how equally important it is to have a positive male/masculine role model in [children’s] lives.”