‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Loretta Actress CCH Pounder Called the Show an ‘Exciting Journey’

by Kati Michelle

You know what they say, all good things must come to an end. And that they did with the announcement of the cancellation of “NCIS: New Orleans.” After seven seasons of the spin-off, its penultimate finale premiered at the end of spring in May. But that doesn’t mean the fans haven’t kept up with their beloved cast. Lucas Black often shares tidbits of his personal life and motivation. And despite her reported poor experiences on set, Shalita Grant also sees “NCIS: New Orleans” as her career launch. But what does Loretta actress CCH Pounder have to say?

CCH Pounder joined the cast of “NCIS: New Orleans” in 2014 as Dr. Loretta Wade, staying right up until the very end. This wasn’t always going to be the case, however. In the past, the actress revealed she almost turned down the role before even starting. Lucky for fans, she changed her mind. In looking back and reflecting on her time on the show, Pounder says it was an “exciting journey.”

Why She Took on the Role and How She Thinks ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Stood Apart From Other Shows

“NCIS: New Orleans” was far from CCH Pounder’s big break or first rodeo. In fact, by the time she joined the show, she already boasted an impressive resume with credits on shows like “The Shield,” “ER,” and “Law & Order: SVU.” Her biggest fear as an actor was always being boxed into a two-dimensional character. Despite some initial hesitation that this would also be the case with the “NCIS” spin-off, she was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case.

During one interview, she relayed: “I’m able to be a sassy coroner and a woman who adopts two kids because they need a home. In other shows you are relegated to a box, you’re the doctor, the nurse, the lawyer. So far it has been an exciting journey.” 

She posted this farewell to the show on her Instagram earlier in the year. It shows Pounder fully dressed in her Loretta medical examiner garb while holding up 7 fingers for the 7 seasons.

Getting Cast In a Major Netflix Biopic

Following her time on “NCIS: New Orleans,” CCH Pounder went on to bag a major role in a Netflix biopic titled “Rustin.” As per IMDb, the film is currently still in the production phase with a release slated for some time this coming year (2022). It follows the story of gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin who changed the course of American history as we know it by organizing the 1963 March on Washington.

Others involved in the project include Colman Domingo, Chris Rock, Bill Irwin, and Aml Ameen.