‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Wraps Up First Day of Filming New Project

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Cohen/Getty Images)

It’s been a little while since “NCIS: New Orleans” concluded its run on CBS, and fans still continue to mourn the departure of Lucas Black’s character, Christopher LaSalle. Following his exit in season six, many believe his absence led to the end of the series. Now, however, following an impressive six seasons on “NCIS: New Orleans,” the show alum has wrapped up his first day of filming for his new project.

In between, the “NCIS: New Orleans” alum gave fans a little behind-the-scenes workout that he partakes in between shooting segments. Check it out. If nothing else, the upbeat soundtrack will at least have you in a better frame of mind.

First, the actor revealed the conclusion of his first day with his new project. Soon after, Black took a moment to show fans some simple workouts with a resistance band outside. His upbeat clip captures himself as he moves through a variety of exercises, working the band in all different ways.

Black opens the video with, “It’s time to get back to work, son…we gotta do a little workout on set, in between takes.”

Apparently, the actor spends his 20-30 minute breaks working his body and breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure my priority would be a coffee run.

Regardless, fans expressed their love for the former “NCIS: New Orleans” star in the comments. Many congratulated Black on his new project. Others commended the passionate father as a family man and man of God. Still others simply expressed their love for his accent.

Whatever the draw is, it seems Lucas Black has quite the collection of fans following “NCIS: New Orleans.”

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Never Recovered After Lucas Black’s Departure

Much like the Leroy Jethro Gibbs character was to “NCIS,” we know “NCIS: New Orleans” star Lucas Black was a central figure within the spinoff.

Seven seasons on the air is nothing to sneeze at. However, many believe the primary reason for the show’s conclusion comes as a result of the Black’s leave. Fans cited examples, stating had Mark Harmon left much sooner in the series, it’s likely the flagship would have been canceled too.

Additionally, it’s important to incorporate closure into a mainstay character’s demise or departure and, based on how LaSalle was killed in “NCIS: New Orleans,” a lot of things remain unclarified.

For example, while “NCIS” fans are still heartbroken weeks following the final departure of cast mainstay Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by the iconic Mark Harmon, the franchise allowed fans to prepare for the character’s eventual leave.

Season 18’s finale had fans speculating as to the character’s state and future, while the proceeding investigations and storylines concluded with Harmon’s final, meaningful goodbye.

On the other hand, LaSalle wound up taking bullets meant for an innocent woman and eventually died. So, while Harmon’s leave was premeditated, albeit heartbreaking, Black’s, as a central character, was downright shocking.