‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Shalita Grant Doesn’t Think She Would Have New Role Without Show

by Shelby Scott

Former “NCIS: New Orleans” star, Shalita Grant, has made major waves with her role over on Netflix’s hit series, “You.” Now, the actress has revealed that, despite her deplorable yet alluring new character’s persona, she would never have landed the life-changing role had it not been for her time on “NCIS: New Orleans.”

However, her explanation as to how far differs from what we might initially assume.

Grant scored her role as ATF agent Sonja Percy on “NCIS: New Orleans” following graduation from The Juilliard School. As the WM Leader states, the CBS role marked the actress’s first series regular gig. As such, we imagine it would be a positive and memorable experience for Grant.

However, in her interview with the outlet, we soon learn the fact is not at all the case.

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Shalita Grant’s Hair Led Her to ‘You’

Over her four seasons on “NCIS: New Orleans,” Shalita Grant saw a lot of pushback and discrimination regarding her hair. Often, she said design and makeup artists deemed her hair “unprofessional” and time-consuming. They implied Grant’s concern for her hair was simply vain.

Ultimately, Shalita Grant’s fourth season on the CBS show saw the actress enduring physical damage. Most noticably, her hair formed bald spot toward the front of her scalp. In response to the distress, she left.

Of the experience and her decision to leave and prioritize her wellbeing, Grant said, “I’ve come a long way with my hair. I know why I got this role now; I wouldn’t have been able to do this role seven years ago.”

She further explained that she wasn’t going to leave the acting business because of these problems. Instead, Grant said, “That’s letting them win. I’m gonna get on another show, but I know that I have to heal myself.”

What is Grant’s New Role?

As briefly mentioned, Shalita Grant’s newest role saw the actress starring as a series regular in Netflix’s hit series, “You.” Throughout season three, she depicted a “perfectly imperfect” influencer by the name of Sherry Conrad. While the start of the season sees the character perfectly manicured, her hair consistently in order, Grant reveals the character slowly unravels.

At the start of the season, “You” fans absolutely despised Sherry and her practiced villainous manner. However, as Outsiders got further into the season, they couldn’t help but love her, citing the character as absolutely hysterical.

Nevertheless, as any good character does, Sherry reveals a dynamic character arc over the ten episodes. That arc, and therefore unraveling, presents itself in the appearance of the character’s more natural hairstyle. While the beginning of the season sees Grant’s character’s hairdo impossibly perfect, she shared that stylists actually sprayed her roots with water, causing it to appear as puffed and curled as possible.

Her decision enabled Grant autonomy over the character’s appearance.