‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Star Lucas Black Opens Up About His New Project

by Allison Hambrick
Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Former NCIS: New Orleans actor Lucas Black took to Instagram to discuss his as-of-yet unrevealed film project, which centers on fatherhood. In a lengthy caption, the actor expressed his gratitude towards the creators of the project and everyone involved.

“This working environment is refreshing,” the actor captioned his post. “Everyone on this project is happy to be working. No one is trying to outdo anyone and everyone pitches in to help when it is needed. Also, we can see everyone’s smiling faces. Our leaders from the very beginning made it clear what the goals are and cast vision for all involved. We want to create an entertaining movie that promotes men stepping up to be good loving fathers.”

Alongside the caption, the NCIS alum shared a series of photos from the set. These range from Black in front of the camera to him conversing with the crew.

“There is no hidden agendas or surprising rewrites during this one,” he continued. “Everyone is on board with the message of fathers being there for their children and loving them no matter what.”

Additionally, this is hardly the first time the actor has discussed the project. In fact, Black frequently posts about the film.

NCIS Alum Talks First Day in New Role

After filming, the NCIS actor usually shares some thoughts about his day. Kicking off his social media habit, he commemorated the first day of filming in an unusual way. The actor showed off the resistance band he uses to workout between takes. 

“It’s time to get back to work, son…we gotta do a little workout on set, in between takes,” the actor said. Subsequent posts are similar in nature. Black discusses what action scenes he films and teases how the project is “gonna be awesome.”

After the first week, the NCIS alum shared another post sharing that so far, filming was a success.

“It was an incredible week working in adverse conditions,” Black wrote. “High winds, snow, and cold temperatures with the wind chill in the single digits. It took a team effort to accomplish what we did this week. There were lots of action scenes as well as emotional ones. Families will enjoy this adventure film. My [goal] is that fathers and sons will be uplifted and encouraged while being entertained.”

According to Black’s latest video, the film is set to have some beautiful scenery. Even though the cast is “battling the cold up in the Rocky Mountains,” the NCIS actor said he thinks it’ll “play well on camera.”

While it’ll be a while before Black’s new project is out, NCIS: New Orleans is streaming now on Paramount+.

Whatever the draw is, it seems Lucas Black has quite the collection of fans following “NCIS: New Orleans.”