‘NCIS: New Orleans’: When Was Shalita Grant’s Last Episode on Show?

by Amy Myers

Shalita Grant was the talented actress behind NCIS: New Orleans Special Agent Sonja Percy. For four years, Grant played the role of the loyal and dedicated partner beside fellow Agent Christopher LaSalle. However, her time on the show came to an abrupt end toward the end of Season 4, when the show soon revealed that Percy had taken a job with the FBI and would be leaving the department. Not only did this bring an end to the agent’s work with the New Orleans office, but it also left unanswered questions regarding her budding romance with LaSalle.

There was no major storyline leading to Percy’s exit from the team, nor was there much indication that anything was happening in her final episode. Rather, the character left NCIS: New Orleans towards the end of Season 4 under the promise of a new job with the FBI. Percy’s final appearance occurred in Episode 19, “High Stakes,” in which she and LaSalle go undercover to investigate an underground poker game. Then the show continued on without her, leaving the NCIS: New Orleans office down an agent.

Fans were not too pleased that the show had let such a talented actress go. During the last three seasons following Grant’s departure, NCIS: New Orleans watchers took their opinions to the show’s Fandom page, where they expressed their desire to have Special Agent Percy return.

“They need to bring her back period,” one passionate fan wrote. “With LaSalle gone, they are down a special agent plus she knows her way around with the team. We don’t need another month of seeing another ‘newbie’ walking around NOLA like a mindless zombie trying to keep up with the team and learning how Pride does things with the team. And I like Shalita–she was AMAZING on the show.”

Shalita Grant Claims to Have Left ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ to ‘Save’ Herself

As Special Agent Percy left for a better job, actress Shalita Grant left NCIS: New Orleans felt she was on a similar journey. According to the actress, the conditions of her workplace left her feeling alienated. In an interview on the Tamron Hall Show, Grant discussed how she felt the crew treated her differently from her castmates, particularly in the hair and makeup department.

Grant shared that the hairdo that her character required (a tight ponytail) was causing severe physical damage to her hair follicles and scalp. The damage became so bad that she even started getting bald spots.

“In the front of my hair I was threatening baldness, so when I came back for season four and everybody on Twitter let me know, ‘That looks like a helmet’… By that point I didn’t care anymore, because I was protecting myself,” the former NCIS: New Orleans star shared.

Grant also stated that some cast and crew members claimed that she was “hard to work with,” but the actress has a different perspective of the situation.

“But the truth is, I wasn’t being worked with…So I have to save myself,” she said.