‘NCIS: New Orleans’: Why Scott Bakula Had Such a Hard Time Saying Goodbye to the Show

by Quentin Blount
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans hit everyone a little differently. For actor Scott Bakula, it was hard for him to say goodbye.

If you are a fan of NCIS or any of the show’s spin-offs, like NCIS: New Orleans, there’s a good chance you know who Scott Bakula is. He, of course, played Special Agent Dwayne Cassius “King” Pride on the show from 2014 until 2021. Prior to that, you may have seen Bakula in other popular shows. He is also known for his roles as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap and as Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Now, let’s not kid ourselves here — no television show can last forever. So, cancellation is just a natural part of a show’s lifecycle. Despite NCIS: New Orleans being a fan favorite show, that doesn’t make it exempt from inevitable cancellation. So, even though Bakula likely knew the show was coming to an end, it was still very hard on him to let it go. A key reason for that feeling was all of the kind people in the city of New Orleans.

“It’s hard to leave,” Bakula told TV Insider back in July. “We kind of had the key to the city; everybody knew me and I appreciated being able to pat every cop I walked by on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, how you doing?'”

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Executive Producer Says Letting Go Was ‘Painful’

If you think it’s just you and Scott Bakula who were sad about the show ending, you’d be wrong. Executive Producer Jan Nash felt the same way when CBS handed down the bad news. She was just happy to end it with a finale that was “very true” to the city.

“It was painful,” she said, “but it was a blessing to have enough time to make adjustments and a finale that [felt] very true to New Orleans.”

Meanwhile, if there is any kind of silver lining here, it’s in the fact that Season 7 of NCIS: New Orleans still featured 16 episodes. It might not sound like a lot compared to some other shows out there, but the writing team had to wrap up the series on pretty short notice. They were able to say their final goodbyes to the fanbase, ending things on a high note.

Now that things have settled down, some of the stars of the show are gearing up to star in new titles. Lucas Black, for example, has been shooting a new film and he’s been posting updates about it on social media.

As for Scott Bakula, don’t know what exactly is next in store for him. There has been some talk about a possible revival of his old show Quantum Leap. We’ll have to wait and see on that front.