‘NCIS’: One Friendship Has Extended Past Their Time on the Show

by Shelby Scott

One of the core values that has penetrated throughout “NCIS’s” long run on television is that of friendship and family. Further, we’ve seen quite a handful of beloved cast members come and go throughout the hit shows now-19 seasons. That said, it seems the friendships made and portrayed on screen frequently translate off-screen as well. In touching on those relationships, we’ve learned at least one “NCIS” friendship has far extended past the cast members’ time on the show.

Longtime fans of “NCIS” well remember the iconic friendship, and later relationship, beloved characters Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Officer Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). Immediately, we saw a spark between the two characters from the latter’s arrival in season three. For nearly a total of 10 seasons, even following both characters’ departures, “NCIS” fans watched as the pair’s relationship matured and strengthened. Even today, many today still long for their return.

Now, we’re left to navigate “NCIS” 19th season without both beloved characters. However, we have learned a little more about de Pablo and Weatherly’s friendship off screens as well.

Tony and Ziva’s First Meeting was Not ‘Love at First Sight’

According to Looper, the two beloved characters were not immediate friends. In fact, the outlet states Ziva’s actress Cote de Pablo did not like Michael Weatherly at all. The latter shared that during their first screen test together for “NCIS,” “She just loathed me instantly–and I mean Michael Weatherly–but we quickly became very close friends.”

Likewise, the “NCIS” actress stated that soon after her arrival at “NCIS,” she and Weatherly had an “immediate attraction.”

Further, Michael Weatherly stated that not only have he and Cote de Pablo remained close friends. Apparently, the actress and his wife get along very well together. He previously shared with People that his on-screen romance with his fellow “NCIS” cast member reminded him of his own relationship with his wife, Bojana Jankovic´.

“She and my wife get along very well, of course, because they both know that I’m wrong all the time,” Weatherly quipped.

‘NCIS’ Duo Attempted to Create Their Own CBS Show

Clearly, our beloved Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David actors have remained close friends in a personal aspect. Although, it appears they also had the drive to continue to work together professionally.

Cote de Pablo was the first to leave “NCIS” in season 11. She was soon followed by Weatherly at the end of season 13.

Overall, their absence from “NCIS” marked a major loss for fans. However, they did attempt to create their own CBS-produced show in 2018. Entitled “MIA,” the show would have followed a Miami detective and her partner as they solved crimes. Simultaneously, viewers would have watched as the detective navigated her personal life outside of work.

Unfortunately for Outsiders, the show never got off the ground. As of now, there’s been no new news whether the two former “NCIS” cast members plan to revamp their efforts.