‘NCIS’: One Moment Made Fans’ Hearts Break for Ducky

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” has been a CBS mainstay since its premiere with “Yankee White” in 2003. Additionally, the hit series has featured a handful of forerunning characters who have contributed to the show’s success over time. One, in particular, is actor David McCallum’s character Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard. His gentle demeanor and undying loyalty to his friends quickly made the medical examiner a fan favorite. Therefore, by the time season nine rolled around, fans were absolutely heartbroken after “NCIS” delivered one intense disaster.

As Looper details, Ducky has had many scene-stealing moments during his time on the hit series. However, as Reddit users pointed out, many “NCIS” fans have picked on season nine incident that far surpasses any other heartbreaking moments in regards to our beloved medical examiner.

Ducky Suffers a Life-Threatening Heart Attack

Fans of the procedural drama will recall the tragic bombing that took place at the “NCIS” agency during season nine. The attack was a major blow to NCIS as an agency. And it wasn’t just because of the loss of its physical structure, but also the many casualties that ensued. And it’s these that Redditors are recalling in connection to Dr. Mallard.

Looper reminds us that Ducky is away from the naval yard when he receives a phone call about the attack. The news, combined with a request that he come in to NCIS to perform autopsies on the agency’s victims leads the doctor to suffer a life-threatening heart attack.

As we know, Ducky pulls through and continues to aid the “NCIS” team for several more seasons. However, at the time, it definitely had fans blowing through tissues.

Over on Reddit, fans shared their initial reactions to the season nine finale.

User u/socal_guy1320 wrote that the medical examiner’s heart attack was one of just three moments in “NCIS” history that made them cry. Other Reddit users replied with similar sentiments.

Will Michael Weatherly Return to ‘NCIS’?

There’s no doubt that Ducky has had a prominent role throughout the 19 seasons of “NCIS,” his character often contributing to the development of primary storylines. However, David McCallum’s character is not the only one to have left a significant stamp on the CBS series.

Season 13 of “NCIS” saw the heartbreaking departure of fellow original cast member Michael Weatherly, known for his iconic role as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. His leave from “NCIS” left fans absolutely devastated and, despite many the now six seasons since his last appearance, fans remain hopeful they will see a Tony DiNozzo return.

That hope has been amplified as the “NCIS” alum‘s current series, “Bull,” concludes its final season. And while there have been no official reports hinting Weatherly might return to the beloved series, fans, such as myself, hold on to that little bit of hope.