‘NCIS’: Parker Shows Why He’s a Leader in Latest Episode

by Madison Miller

During the latest episode of “NCIS,” Agent Alden Parker has shown viewers why everyone should “follow the leader.”

Parker, played by Gary Cole, has been a somewhat controversial addition to the long-running procedural drama series. He took over as the leader of the team after Gibbs’ exit from the program. Seeing as fans adore and miss Gibbs, Parker became a punching bag of sorts for some fans.

Regardless, his character certainly has a talent for leading people.

‘All Hands’ Proves ‘NCIS’ Team is in Good Hands

The most recent episode “All Hands,” required all hands on deck to work together and cooperate during a high-stakes terrorist situation. There are two members of a black-ops team that have a dead sailor on their boat that end up intercepting a civilian research vessel.

Although Parker still doesn’t call them his team, Parker surely does know how to lead them. The team is aboard a helicopter when they begin to get shot at. One pilot is killed, the other takes a bullet to the chest. Although he tries to hand off the helicopter keys, Parker and the rest of the team insist on trying to save him.

Eventually, Knight, Torres, and a security guard helping them all get kidnapped and beat up. Luckily, good ol’ Parker is around to save the day. He rigs a buoy and is able to extend his cell phone antenna past the cell phone jammers the hijackers have set up. He sends emoji clues and then eventually crawls through the ship’s vents to find where Torres and Knight are locked up. Parker quickly talks to them, assuring them the plan is going well, before epically shimmying back through the vent.

Vance, McGee, and Kasie are all working hard on land, too. Parker ends up being a stowaway on the helicopter. He waits patiently as the bad guys go ahead and land in a shelter filled with stolen military equipment. From inside a stolen Humvee, he plays the original “Star Trek” theme song over the distress frequency. McGee notices, seeing as the team had a heart-to-heart over their love for “Star Trek” earlier.

The team hurriedly tries to get to Parker. Meanwhile, he grabs a grenade, pulls the pin, and is able to delay the head thief. Although he gets chewed out by Vance for all that epic risk-taking, Parker doesn’t seem to care. He admits that he did it all to keep his team safe. Did you catch that, “his team?” He’s certainly shaping up to take the team under his wing.

Are Fans Warming Up to Parker?

In the beginning, “NCIS” fans weren’t overly fond of Agent Parker.

Change can be a big pill to swallow, after all. By the end of the “Face the Strange” episode, Parker decided to take over for Gibbs. He has the same experience as Gibbs but wasn’t initially interested in the leader role.

Some would have preferred McGee as the leader, but others are gradually warming up to Parker.

“Parker rubbed me the wrong way when he was first introduced, but he’s warming up to me now,” wrote one fan on a Reddit discussion thread.