‘NCIS’: Is Parker in Trouble of Losing Position With the Team?

by Anna Dunn

Gary Cole just joined NCIS as Alden Parker, and some fans are worried we’re going to lose him already. Cole joined the series to play the former FBI Agent turned NCIS Special Agent in charge at the beginning of this season. Despite the fact that he joined the show to fill the impossible shoes of since departed Mark Harmon, fans have really taken a liking to him.

But it looks like in an upcoming episode that airs tomorrow, Parker is going to open up about his reservations about his current position. In a new preview clip for the show, Parker and Vance have a troubling talk.

Vance asks how Parker’s doing with NCIS, and it seems like he loves it there, but he’s also struggling with fitting in with the team. He calls it “the team.” Vance questions why Parker doesn’t call it “my team.”

“I’ve been here five minutes, I’m not ready to call anything mine,” Parker says.

But while it indicates reservations, it certainly doesn’t indicate he’s leaving. So fans can let out a breath. If anything, it just means he needs a bit more time to feel like the team he’s leading is really “his.”

Tomorrow’s ‘NCIS’ Episode is a Big One for the Team

Tomorrow’s NCIS episode is going to see the team in major danger after they get trapped on a ship. They board the ship, but it turns out that they’re welcomed by terrorists simply dressed as Naval officers. They have to flee to different parts of the ship, and it definitely looks like it’s going to be dicey.

Cole may not feel like it’s “his team” yet. But he’s certainly going to have to act the part as the group is thrust into danger.

But that’s not all. Because tomorrow will see a beloved, long-time cast member make a return to the show. David McCallum will come back as Ducky. McCallum has been an important part of NCIS since the start. And while he’s taken a reduced role, every time he comes back, it’s quite the treat.

Tomorrow’s (January 16ths) episode will air on CBS at 8/7 Central. If you want, you can stick around for an all-new episode of NCIS’s newest spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i.