‘NCIS’: Patricia Richardson Calls Guest Starring on Show ‘a Blast’

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” has seen a lot of change this 19th season. Obviously, though, the biggest came after the final departure of Leroy Jethro Gibbs actor Mark Harmon. So much change at one time has been hard for “NCIS” fans to handle. However, it also brings with it the opportunity for new storylines and characters. For example, this week’s episode of “NCIS” promises an all-new character and we can’t wait to see her firey appearance on CBS.

“Home Improvement” star Patricia Richardson plays the role of Special Agent Tim McGee‘s mother-in-law this week, stepping into the role of Judy. Based on previews, it’s sure to be a fun, exciting new episode. For now, we wait to see Richardson’s first comical appearance Monday. On another note, the ABC star shared she had “a blast” in creating this new episode.

During an interview with TV Insider, Richardson said of her latest part, “This whole job has been a blast. What a great show to work on.”

And with fun personalities like those of Brian Dietzen and Wilmer Valderrama, we absolutely see where she’s coming from. The actress continued, “I don’t know if an actor could ask for a better working environment.”

According to the outlet, Richardson’s character Judy sees a variety of unique sets that don’t frequent in most “NCIS” episodes. Her scenes took place on Navy ship sets and McGee and his wife Delilah’s apartment. And of course, she made an appearance in the NCIS squad room.

Of the character Judy that Richardson plays she said, “I just would love to play the character again because she’s so fun.”

Hopefully then, as our newest cast solidifies, perhaps Outsiders will see Patricia Richardson back on the set of “NCIS” in the future.

‘NCIS’ Episode Will Give Fans a Look at McGee’s Family Life

There’s no doubt Monday night’s episode will be unique and humorous with Patricia Richardson as a guest star. However, in addition, it appears this latest episode will provide viewers with insight into Special Agent McGee’s personal life.

Richardson’s appearance as the “NCIS” special agent’s mother-in-law gives us a whole new point of view from which we understand McGee. Additionally, while we frequently see our newest lead agent directing his team and taking orders, we may expect a potential collaboration between his wife, Delilah and NCIS. Delilah serves as an intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense, one of the governmental sects the naval agency works with frequently.

Further, however, with Gibbs gone, our “NCIS” team may be in need of a new home home base. Prior to Gibbs’ departure, “NCIS” fans saw many important conversations and meetings take place at the Special Agent in Charge’s house. Now, those professional and personal conversations will have to head elsewhere.

As season 19 continues, it will be interesting to see how many new ways McGee grows as a character overall.