‘NCIS’: Pauley Perrette Hilariously Compared Her Look to Abby Sciuto’s

by Lauren Boisvert

Pauley Perrette has said that she wanted “to play Abby for the rest of my life” but that in her downtime she took on other roles “that was nothing like Abby.” Even if she does roles that are wildly out of left field, she’ll always be intrinsically linked to Abby Sciuto. She was on NCIS for 15 years, for crying out loud. You don’t play a character for that long and just have people forget about it.

But, while fans compare her to Abby all the time, Perrette said in 2007 that she’s actually not very much like her iconic character at all. At least in terms of the way they dress.

“I’m pretty simple,” she said, “Pretty scruffy. Abby’s put together and all.” It’s true, though; Abby is known to wear extravagant goth and alternative outfits, channeling a bit of rockabilly, a bit of Hot Topic here and there. Occasionally, she’s very made up and styled; she has an aesthetic and she sticks to it. Pauley Perrette said just as much in her interview with Pop Entertainment.

“People often ask me how much I’m like her. Some people say, you’re so much alike,” she said, “Yeah, I’m very hyperactive when I talk.  But I am always in old scruffy jeans and an old sweatshirt and the same sneakers I’ve had for like 100 years.” You and me both, Pauley.

She then went on to sum up her home life, saying, “[I’m] very into comfort; sitting on the couch, watching television, surrounded by a bunch of animals, drinking a beer. I’m just a beer-drinking guy.” Honestly, Pauley Perrette sounds like the coolest of the NCIS cast, and I’d love to hang out with her.

Pauley Perrette Warned Us of the Dangers of the Internet

In the same 2007 interview with Pop Entertainment, Pauley Perrette had a few choice words to say about people pretending to be her on MySpace.

“I am not on MySpace.com. I’m not a fan,” she said, “But then there are MySpace pages […] posing as me. Talking to people as me. That was terrifying.”

Perrette said she was talking with a young fan about the dangers of the internet, and how not everyone is who they say they are. “I was just saying, be careful. Especially with all these […] places where people make their own page and all this stuff.” She went on to say, “No matter what you read or see, until you know somebody and really hang out with them, you don’t really know. We don’t really know each other.”

That still rings true today, even with new, thorough verification processes for social media. We only see what someone chooses to let us see. Perrette summed up today’s issues with social media rather well, stating, “As much as information is out there, we don’t really know each other until we’ve held your face and your hands or held them while they are crying or laughed with them. It’s all rather false.”