‘NCIS’: Pauley Perrette Theorized Why Gibbs Was So Close to Abby Sciuto

by Taylor Cunningham

On October 15th, NCIS fans bid a tearful goodbye to Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The special agent had been on the series since the start in 2003. And most people loved him because of his wisdom and love for his team members.

One of Gibbs’s most special relationships was with Abby Sciuto. He and the forensic genius had a unique, warm bond that gave us all the feelings. Scenes with the Gibbs and Sciuto made everyone melt. And in a 2007 interview, Sciuto actress Pauley Perrette gave her take on the friendship.

“You know, the relationship is fascinating,” Perrette said to PopEntertainment. “I’ve always suspected, and of course we don’t know… we’re always the last to know… but it almost seems familial, you know?  Like are they related?  What is it?”

Perrett said she adored the on-screen dynamic. Gibbs always had a soft spot for Abby Sciuto. And Perrette cherished that storyline.

 “I love that relationship,” she added.  “I love that he’d be the hard, gruff boss and then when it comes to Abby – he loves her.  And he’s open about it.  It’s sweet.  It’s a sweet, wonderful, and a surprising relationship.” 

There’s is Still a Chance We Could See Gibbs and Sciuto Reunite on ‘NCIS’

It was no surprise that Mark Harmon walked away from NCIS this year. The actor made the public decision to end his contract this year because he wanted to enjoy a peaceful retirement with his wife, Pam Dawber. But even though Harmon is no longer a series regular, we could still see Gibbs make a cameo or two in the future.

Mark Harmon didn’t leave NCIS entirely. He’s still an executive producer. So he’s working closely with the entire crew. On top of that, Harmon’s trailer is still parked on set. And the writers made sure the door was still open for an agent Gibbs return. So it seems like Harmon didn’t want to make his “goodbye” too final.

According to ET Online, executive producer, Steven D. Binder isn’t counting Harmon out either. And he made it clear that the actor is still heavily involved in the show.

“As an executive producer and dear friend, Mark continues to be an integral part of the fabric of the show. Our north star has always been staying true to our characters,” he said. “And that truth has always guided the stories we tell and where those characters go.”

And that means that Gibbs’s story may not be over just yet. For 18 years, Gibbs was the glue that held the NCIS team together. So seeing him back on-screen isn’t off the table.

“So regarding the future of Gibbs, as longtime fans of the show may have noticed over the years… never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out,” Binder said.