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‘NCIS: Red’ Character Is Only One to Reappear in Series

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

After NCIS: Red mysteriously shut down production in 2013, Scott Grimes was the only actor lucky enough to continue with the franchise.

The series—which never actually made it to television—would have been about a team of investigators working under Chris O’Donnell’s G. Callen who traveled throughout the entire country solving high-caliber crimes. NCIS: Red was in the works for nearly a year before CBS nixed it.

While the show didn’t go far, the main characters were introduced during a two-part special of NCIS: Los Angeles. Of course, the episodes were intended to set up the story for NCIS: Red. And they showcased agents played by Kim Raver, John Corbett, and Kim Raver.

NCIS fans never saw Raver or Corbett again. But they did see Scott Grimes one more time.

In 2017, the actor reprised his character of Special Agent Dave Flynn for a season 8 episode titled Getaway. In the story, Flynn headed to LA from San Francisco to help Eric and Nell go undercover at a couple’s retreat. The agents were there trying to bust a married team who were attempting to hack the United States Treasury Department. And Flynn was running cyber operations.

Why ‘NCIS: Red’ Flopped

When CBS announced plans for an NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff named NCIS: Red, fans were excited to see how the story would play out. But for some reason, the show never made it to CBS. Here’s why.

NCIS franchise has had a couple of highly successful spinoffs, and most of them are still running today. So people thought it was strange that the network never gave Red a chance to shine. But in a way, it did.

The ill-fated series was in production for about a year before it was dropped. And during that time, three main characters were cast. But they never filmed an episode.

Instead, CBS decided to give the actors a screen test by throwing them into a couple of NCIS: Los Angeles episodes. And apparently, people didn’t respond well to the newcomers.

The cast included Sex in the City’s John Corbett and Kim Raver from Grey’s Anatomy. It also starred Justified’s Scott Grimes. But despite the big names, the “back-door” pilots bombed. And because the low ratings predicted a failed future, CBS decided to cut it loose.

“Sometimes [spinoffs] work, and sometimes they don’t,” former CBS President Nina Tassler told Digital Spy in 2013. “Protecting [the franchise] was really important.”

Creator Gary Glasberg didn’t give up after Red failed, though. The following year, he introduced NCIS: New Orleans, which had a seven-season run before coming to a close in 2020.